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190 Short Positive Affirmations To Transform Your Day

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Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seems to be going right?

You spill coffee on your shirt, trip on your way to work, your boss sends you an email cc-ing the entire company, and then you get a call from your kid’s school saying you need to go and pick them up (and of course, you get every red light on the way there).

It feels like the universe is against you! But guess what? It’s actually your thoughts and beliefs that create your reality.

One of the best ways to quickly shift negative thought patterns is by using positive affirmations, and more specifically, short positive affirmations to transform your day from what feels like a negative spiral, into a more positive and vibrant day.

What Are Affirmations?

But what are positive affirmations?

Simply put, affirmations are short, positive statements said in the present tense, that you repeat to yourself, either out loud or in your head.

Repeating these affirmations to yourself can help to shift your mindset from negative to positive, which can then help to change your reality.

They work by training your subconscious mind to switch negative thoughts and negative self-talk to positive thoughts and create a more positive mindset.

Using positive affirmations on a regular basis can help your brain create new neural pathways that naturally follow more positive thought patterns rather than negative ones.

The idea is that by using these affirmations, you will naturally lean towards more positive thinking, even when negative emotions do arise. This can have a positive impact on your physical health, your mental health, and can even help you achieve big goals.

Pretty darn powerful stuff for such a simple tool.

Why Use Short Positive Affirmations?

Short affirmations are like a shot of espresso for your brain.

They give you an instant boost of motivation and focus, which can be just the push you need to get through a tough situation.

And unlike coffee, there’s no crash afterward. Just the opposite – studies have shown that using positive affirmations can lead to long-term changes in your outlook and behavior.

This is why the power of short positive affirmations is something you can easily tap into each day.

Because they’re short simple statements, they are easy to remember and easy to use to disrupt negative thought patterns.

Using powerful positive affirmations like these, also help to reaffirm your belief in yourself and your ability to overcome challenges, leading to increased self-confidence and self-esteem.

And they work! It might seem like they’re too short or too simple, and of course, you can use long affirmations if you’d prefer. But short daily affirmations using positive words really are a powerful tool.

If you’re looking for a quick way to change your mindset and improve your day, short positive affirmations are the way to go.

How To Use Affirmations To Transform Your Day

Now that we know what affirmations are and why short positive affirmations are so effective, let’s talk about how to actually use them.

Here are some of the most effective ways to use your daily positive affirmations:

  • As soon as you wake up in the morning before you even get out of bed, take a few deep breaths and repeat your morning affirmations to yourself.
  • Write them down in a journal or on a piece of paper and use them as a journal prompt.
  • Carry them as a note or list of positive affirmations to keep with you throughout the day and repeat them to yourself whenever you need a boost.
  • Use them in stressful situations, whether it’s before work, before an important meeting, or even when you feel yourself start to become overwhelmed.
  • Write them on sticky notes and put them in places you’ll see throughout the day – like on your computer screen, on the bathroom mirror, or in your car.

The best way to use affirmations to see positive change is to make them part of your daily life, and you can do this by including them in part of the daily routine you’ve already established – such as when you make a coffee every morning, or when you journal, or when you get ready for the day.

Finally, it’s important to choose affirmations that resonate with you and that you actually believe.

If you’re saying affirmations that you don’t believe, it’s not going to be as effective.

So take some time to think about what you need to work on, and choose affirmations that will help you to improve in those areas.

Use these tips to make short positive affirmations a part of your daily routine, and watch as they transform your day-to-day life.

190 Short Positive Affirmations To Transform Your Day

This is a huge list of affirmations and you’re bound to find some that resonate with you.

They’re divided into different types of affirmations to help you easily find which powerful affirmations can help you in your own life based on what you’re experiencing at the moment.

Choose a few that speak to you and make them part of your daily routine.

Short I Am Affirmations

I am affirmations are simple and powerful statements that focus on the present ‘I am’ – they are empowering and reinforce who you are right now, rather than a less powerful ‘I want to be’ mindset.

1 – I am worthy of love and respect.

2 – I am confident and successful.

3 – I am happy and healthy.

4 – I am grateful for what I have.

5 – I am loved and supported.

6 – I am strong and capable.

7 – I am safe and protected.

8 – I am abundant and prosperous.

9 – I am peace and joy.

10 – I am love and light.

11 – I am free to be myself.

12 – I am connected to the universe.

13 – I am one with all that is.

14 – I am perfect just as I am.

15 – I am beautiful inside and out.

16 – I am enough.

17 – I am worthy of good things.

18 – I am deserving of happiness.

19 – I am capable of anything I set my mind to.

20 – I am abundant in all areas of my life.

21 – I am open to new opportunities.

22 – I am flexible and adaptable.

23 – I am fearless and courageous.

24 – I am a force for good in the world.

25 – I am here for a reason.

26 – I am making a difference.

27 – I am valuable and worth investing in.

28 – I am loved and appreciated.

29 – I am always learning and growing.

30 – I am always moving forward.

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Short Affirmations For The Day

These affirmations are designed to help in all different aspects of your day. They can be said of a morning to prepare you for an amazing day – or as you go about your day.

31 – Today is going to be a great day.

32 – I am excited for what the day has in store.

33 – I am open to new opportunities and experiences.

34 – I am attracting positive energy into my life.

35 – I am surrounded by love and support.

36 – I am grateful for everything I have.

37 – I am confident and successful.

38 – All I need in life is here for me.

39 – I make choices today that support my highest good.

40 – I am surrounded by people who love and appreciate me.

41 – I am creating the life of my dreams.

42 – I am living in alignment with my values.

43 – My cup is overflowing with abundance.

44 – Today is a new opportunity.

45 – Every day is a fresh start.

46 – Today I choose to focus on the positive.

47 – I am choosing to be happy today.

48 – I am setting my intention for a great day.

49 – I am grateful for what I have.

50 – I am in control of my life.

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Short Affirmations For Women

Using affirmations specifically designed for women can be a great way to connect with yourself while also empowering and motivating yourself in positive ways.

51 – I am capable of great things.

52 – I choose to have a positive attitude.

53 – I surround myself with positive people.

54 – I take small steps forward each day.

55 – I am in charge of my life.

56 – I am safe outside of my comfort zone.

57 – I can do hard things with ease.

58 – I actively look for ways to be a better version of myself.

59 – I fuel my body with healthy foods.

60 – I fuel my mind with challenges.

61 – I am a source of real power.

62 – I take note of the little things in life.

63 – I am stronger than I could ever imagine.

64 – I believe in myself.

65 – I give myself unconditional love.

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Short Affirmations For Work

Work can present a unique challenge to our mindset and can often be filled with negative thoughts and emotions. These short affirmations can help you to reign in the negativity and replace it with a more positive mindset.

66 – I find ways to make each day a good day.

67 – I choose to show up and give my best.

68 – I am valued for my hard work and dedication.

69 – I bring my unique gifts to my work.

70 – Even on bad days, I choose to think positive thoughts.

71 – Today is a step toward my future.

72 – I value who I am and what I do.

73 – I look for opportunities to make a positive difference.

74 – I eliminate negative energy and focus on positive things.

75 – I am capable of overcoming challenges.

76 – I am making my dreams come true.

77 – I am productive and efficient.

78 – I ask questions and seek to learn more.

79 – I find opportunities to grow.

80 – I attract money and success.

Short Affirmations For Friends

Friendships enrich our lives and bring so much joy to our days. These affirmations are for friendships, to show gratitude, and remind yourself of how important they can be to your life.

81 – I cherish my friends.

82 – I am grateful for the love and support of my friends.

83 – My friends make me feel happy and loved.

84 – I attract positive and like-minded people into my life.

85 – I am surrounded by people who care about me.

86 – My friends are a reflection of who I am.

87 – I nurture my friendships

88 – I openly give and receive love from my friends.

89 – I am a good friend.

90 – Our experiences bring us closer.

91 – I have fun with my friends and enjoy our time together.

92 – I am grateful for their presence in my life.

93 – We have a strong and healthy friendship.

94 – I am loyal to my friends.

95 – I am mindful and present in our time together.

Short Affirmations For Moms

Motherhood can be so challenging and so hard somedays, it’s easy to get caught up in all the challenges and obstacles moms face. These affirmations serve as a reminder of how amazing you are and to help you reframe your mindset around motherhood.

96 – I am a great mom.

97 – I love being a mom.

98 – Motherhood comes naturally to me.

99 – My children are happy and healthy.

100 – I provide everything my family needs.

101 – I am patient and present with my children.

102 – I am creating positive memories for my family.

103 – I am grateful for my beautiful children.

104 – I give my children the attention they need.

105 – I nurture my children’s minds and bodies.

106 – I encourage my children’s creativity and imagination.

107 – I show my children how to be kind and respectful.

108 – My children are confident and independent individuals.

109 – I enjoy watching my children grow.

110 – It is safe for make to make mistakes.

111 – It is safe for me to ask for help.

112 – I actively look for ways to learn more about my children.

113 – I take time to sit and pay attention to the details of my children.

114 – My children are safe, happy, and loved.

115 – Motherhood is part of me, not all of me.

116 – I respond to my children’s needs.

117 – I role model positive behaviors for my children.

118 – I am creating a happy and healthy home for my family.

119 – I am flexible and adaptable to changes as a mom.

120 – I have everything I need to be a great mom.

121 – My children are loved unconditionally.

122 – I give myself grace as a mother.

123 – I am grateful for the gift of motherhood.

124 – I am exactly the mom my children need.

125 – I am doing the best that I can as a mom.

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Short Affirmations For Anxiety

Affirmations are fantastic tools to use to help overcome anxiety and the following affirmations, while short and simple, can be incredibly powerful and effective.

126 – I am safe.

127 – I am healthy.

128 – I am loved.

129 – I am supported.

130 – I can handle whatever comes my way.

131 – I am strong.

132 – I am capable.

133 – I am brave.

134 – I am not alone.

135 – I am surrounded by people who care about me.

136 – I can get through this.

137 – I am calm.

138 – I am relaxed.

139 – I am at ease.

140 – I am in control.

141 – I am confident.

142 – I trust myself.

143 – I believe in myself.

144 – I am worthy.

145 – I am deserving.

146 – I choose positive thoughts.

147 – I allow negative emotions to flow by.

148 – I breathe in positivity and light, and breathe out negativity and fear.

149 – I focus on the present, right here and now.

150 – I am powerful and in control of my mind.

151 – I see the magic in the world.

152 – I am open to possibilities.

153 – I am grateful for what I have.

154 – I am excited about my future.

155 – Everything is going to be amazing.

156 – It is safe for me to relax.

157 – I am allowed to make mistakes.

158 – I am allowed to feel whatever I feel.

159 – I accept myself exactly as I am.

160 – I am loved and supported no matter what.

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Short Affirmations For Couples

These affirmations are designed to help you bring a positive focus to your relationship, and to reaffirm your values as a couple.

161 – I am grateful for my partner.

162 – I cherish my time with my partner.

163 – I am open and honest with my partner.

164 – We are a team.

165 – We are in this together.

166 – I encourage and support my partner.

167 – We respect each other’s needs and feelings.

168 – We communicate effectively with each other.

169 – We are patient with each other.

170 – We are kind to each other.

171 – We are forgiving of each other.

172 – We are loving towards each other.

173 – We make time for each other.

174 – It is safe for me to express my needs.

175 – I look for ways to show my love.

176 – I am open to receiving love.

177 – We are connected on a deep level.

178 – We are attracted to each other.

179 – We bring out the best in each other.

180 – We support each other’s dreams and goals.

181 – I am proud of my partner.

182 – I make my partner a priority in my life.

183 – I am committed to my relationship.

184 – We look for ways to have fun together.

185 – We are open to new adventures.

186 – We actively seek new opportunities.

187 – I am always learning new things about my partner.

188 – It is safe for our relationship to grow and evolve.

189 – We choose to love each other every day.

190 – Our relationship is a safe place.

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Final Thoughts

No matter what situation you find yourself in, short positive affirmations can help shift your perspective and improve your day, and they’re so simple and easy to use.

Try choosing a few affirmations from this list that resonate with you and add them to your daily routine. It doesn’t have to be complicated, and keeping it simple is always the best option.

You might be surprised at how powerful and transformative a few short positive affirmations can be.

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