What is a ‘Project Hot Mess’?

As women we feel like we should have it all together. The reality is, life isn’t an Instagram feed with a witty hashtag. Then, somewhere along the way we lose our confidence while trying to be who we think we should be.

Project Hot Mess is all about owning who you really are, being proud of the day to day moments, and finding time for yourself in the craziness that is life.

Because we think it’s about time you put yourself first…

Ummm… Who Are You?

Awww…. I’m so glad you asked. I’m Krystal, a professional writer, blogger, business owner, Paramedic, mother, wife and everything in between. To say I like being busy is a pretty huge understatement.

Which means most of the time I’m running late, drinking cold coffee, forgetting to brush my hair (it happens) and realising I haven’t grocery shopped for a week and my toddler will be eating sausages and potatoes… again.

This is your place if you want to feel like you’re not alone in this Insta-worthy, Pinterest perfect world. If you drink your coffee cold because you either forget about it or there’s a 3ft tall tiny dictator in your life, if you escape to the toilet for time to yourself (and let’s face it, Facebook updates) and if you are proud, confident, anxious, happy, sad and all over the place each and every day then we will get along just fine.