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77 Encouraging Words for New Moms: Uplifting Quotes and Insights

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So, you’ve just entered the wild, wonderful, and sometimes utterly confusing world of motherhood.

First of all, congratulations!

Becoming a new mom is a one-of-a-kind experience that brings with it a rollercoaster of emotions, sleepless nights, and endless love.

And let’s face it, it can also be downright overwhelming at times.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Those moments when we’re desperately seeking some encouragement, a good laugh, or a gentle reminder that we’re not alone in this beautiful chaos.

Well, fear not, my lovely friends! I’ve got you covered.

As a mom of two and a seasoned adventurer in the realm of motherhood, I’ve compiled a list of 77 encouraging words for new moms that will lift your spirits, make you smile, and perhaps even bring a tear to your eye.

These quotes and insights come from fellow moms, celebrities, and wise individuals who have walked the path of parenthood and lived to tell the tale.

From embracing the ups and downs of motherhood, to overcoming doubts and fears, to finding joy in the little moments, this collection has a little something for everyone.

So grab a cup of coffee (or tea, if that’s your jam), put your feet up, and let these words of wisdom wash over you like a warm hug from your best friend.

Because at the end of the day, we’re all in this together, and sometimes, all we need is a little encouragement and a reminder that we’re doing a fantastic job.

Encouraging Words For New Moms

Being a new mother is a beautiful, challenging, and life-changing experience. But let’s be honest, it can also be exhausting, overwhelming, and downright scary at times.

Use these encouraging words for yourself, or share them with any new moms you know who may need to hear them.

So, without further ado, here’s a collection of 77 encouraging words for new moms to help remind you that you’re not alone and that you’re doing a fantastic job.

Hard Days, Good Days, and Everything in Between

1 – “Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” – Robert Browning

2 – “A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten and the future worth living for.” – Unknown

3 – “The only way to be a perfect mother is to be a good mother.” – Oprah Winfrey

4 – “There will be hard days and good days, but being a mother means showing up for both.” – Kate Winslet

5 – “Being a new mother is hard work, but the love and joy you experience make it all worth it.”

Need a pick-me-up? Check out these 77 encouraging words for new moms that'll brighten your day and remind you of your strength.

Embracing Your New Role and Identity

6 – “Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing.” – Ricki Lake

7 – “A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world.” – Agatha Christie

8 – “Motherhood is a choice you make every day to put someone else’s happiness and well-being ahead of your own.” – Donna Ball

9 – “The strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws.” – Barbara Kingsolver

10 – “Having kids feels like that first seventh-grade crush that overwhelms every molecule in your body, but it’s permanent.” – Kristen Bell

Words of Wisdom from Inspiring Women

11 – “Motherhood has taught me the meaning of living in the moment and being at peace.” – Jessica Lange

12 – “Being a mom has made me so tired, and so happy.” – Tina Fey

13 – “Mother’s love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved.” – Erich Fromm

14 – “A mother’s arms are more comforting than anyone else’s.” – Princess Diana

15 – “Everything grows rounder and wider and weirder, and I sit here in the middle of it all and wonder who in the world you will turn out to be.” – Carrie Fisher

Embrace motherhood with these 77 heartwarming and encouraging words for new moms. You're not alone in this journey!

The Beauty and Challenge of Raising Little Humans

16 – “Little people can teach big people so much about life, love, and what truly matters.” – Unknown

17 – “In raising children, we must remember that it is not our job to make them into who we want them to be, but to support and encourage them in becoming their truest selves.” – Jodi Picoult

18 – “There is no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.” – Jill Churchill

19 – “There is no greater privilege than to watch a child grow and change, knowing that you have played a part in shaping the person they become.” – Unknown

20 – “The best place to cry is in a mother’s arms.” – Jodi Picoult

New mom? Explore 77 encouraging words to help you navigate the wild world of motherhood with love, laughter, and strength.

Finding Joy in Motherhood

21 – “Being a mother is learning about the strengths you didn’t know you had and dealing with fears you never knew existed.” – Linda Wooten

22 – “The days are long, but the years are short.” – Gretchen Rubin

23 – “To the world, you are a mother, but to your family, you are the world.” – Unknown

24 – “Motherhood is the big, messy, beautiful adventure of a lifetime.” – Unknown

25 – “The most important work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home.” – Harold B. Lee

Dive into 77 inspiring and encouraging words for new moms that'll remind you of your amazing capabilities in this new role.

Overcoming Fear and Doubt

26 – “A fearless mother is not one who is never afraid, but one who faces her fears and keeps going.” – Unknown

27 – “Believe in yourself, and trust that you are doing the best you can for your child.” – Maya Angelou

28 – “Motherhood is not about being fearless; it’s about feeling the fear and doing it anyway.” – Unknown

29 – “Being a mother is discovering strengths you didn’t know you had, and dealing with fears you never knew existed.” – Sherene Simon

30 – “The hardest part of motherhood is learning to trust yourself and let go of the need for perfection.” – Unknown

Find comfort, inspiration, and a touch of humor in these 77 encouraging words for new moms. Motherhood never felt so good!

Support and Encouragement for Single Moms and Working Moms

31 – “Being a single mom is twice the work, twice the stress, and twice the tears, but also twice the hugs, twice the love, and twice the pride.” – Unknown

32 – “Being a working mom doesn’t mean you love your child any less; it means you’re working hard to provide the best life for them.” – Unknown

33 – “A single mom does the work of two, for the love of one.” – Unknown

34 – “There is no perfect balance between work and motherhood, but there is always love and dedication.” – Unknown

35 – “You are not just a mom; you are a superhero in disguise.” – Unknown

Embracing Imperfection and Letting Go of Perfectionism

36 – “The cycle of perfectionism can be broken by embracing the beauty of our imperfect lives.” – Brene Brown

37 – “Take a deep breath and remind yourself that you are doing the best you can.” – Unknown

38 – “Motherhood is a constant reminder that we are all imperfect humans, doing our best to raise little humans who will grow up to be big humans.” – Unknown

39 – “There is no such thing as a perfect parent, so just be a real one.” – Sue Atkins

40 – “The best moms are the ones who make mistakes, learn from them, and keep going.” – Unknown

Embark on a journey through 77 encouraging words for new moms, filled with love, support, and a sprinkle of humor. From wise insights to heartwarming quotes, this collection will remind you of the beauty of motherhood and the strength you possess to conquer every challenge. You're doing great, mama!

Staying Grounded in the Age of Social Media

41 – “Don’t compare your real life to someone else’s highlight reel on social media.” – Unknown

42 – “Motherhood isn’t about looking perfect on Instagram; it’s about being present and loving your child in real life.” – Unknown

43 – “Your worth as a mother is not measured by likes, comments, or shares; it’s measured by the love and care you give your child.” – Unknown

44 – “Social media can be a great place to connect with other moms, but don’t let it dictate your self-worth or your parenting journey.” – Unknown

45 – “The best memories are the ones you make with your child, not the ones you post on social media.” – Unknown

Cherishing the Love and Bond Between Mother and Child

46 – “The purest love is the love between a mother and her child.” – Unknown

47 – “The greatest thing a mother can do for her child is to love them unconditionally.” – Unknown

48 – “A mother’s love is the place of all others where we go for our solace and our strength.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

49 – “No matter what you do, your child will always be your greatest love and your most important work.” – Unknown

50 – “In the eyes of a child, a mother’s love is everything.” – Unknown

Immerse yourself in a world of encouragement and inspiration with these 77 heartening words for new moms. From relatable stories to profound quotes, this collection offers a comforting reminder that you're not alone in your journey through motherhood. Find strength, reassurance, and a good laugh to brighten your day!

Appreciating the Little Moments and Milestones

51 – “The tiny heartbeat at your feet is the greatest reminder of the love and joy that motherhood brings.” – Unknown

52 – “Every moment in motherhood is little at the time. It’s not until you look back and you realize that some of those little moments, were in fact, the biggest of all.” – Krystal Kleidon

53 – “There is no greater joy than watching your child grow and discover the world around them.” – Unknown

54 – “Cherish the little moments, for they will be gone in the blink of an eye.” – Unknown

55 – “The best thing about being a mom is the unconditional love you receive from your child, even on the hardest days.” – Unknown

56 – “Every milestone, big or small, is a testament to your love and dedication as a mother.” – Unknown

57 – “Hold onto the little moments, for they make up the big picture of your child’s life.” – Unknown

58 – “All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” – Abraham Lincoln

59 – “Motherhood is the glorious life force. It’s huge and scary – it’s an act of infinite optimism.” – Gilda Radner

60 – “A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them.” – Victor Hugo

61 – “Whenever you feel like you are failing, look in the eyes of your child, and know your value.” – Unknown

62 – “My mother is a walking miracle.” – Leonardo DiCaprio

Are you a new mom in need of some encouragement? Look no further! This compilation of 77 encouraging words for new moms offers a treasure trove of wisdom, inspiration, and support from fellow moms and famous figures alike. Embrace the beauty and strength of motherhood with these uplifting words by your side.

Embracing Your Strength and Resilience as a Mother

63 – “There is no force equal to that of a determined woman.” – Unknown

64 – “You are not only a mother; you are a strong woman who can conquer the world.” – Unknown

65 – “The strength of a mother is unparalleled, and it is in that strength that we find our greatest inspiration.” – Unknown

66 – “Motherhood is the ultimate test of the human spirit.” – Unknown

67 – “You are a strong, resilient, and loving mother, and your child is lucky to have you.” – Unknown

Learning from Our Mothers and Passing It On

68 – “My mother was my role model before I even knew what that word meant.” – Lisa Leslie

69 – “By being yourself, you put something beautiful into the world that was not there before.” – Edwin Elliot

70 – “The best way to teach your child about kindness, love, and compassion is to show it to them every day.” – Unknown

71 – “The wisdom and love of our mothers shape the people we become.” – Unknown

72 – “Your mother’s love, lessons, and guidance will stay with you forever, no matter how far apart you may be.” – Unknown

Explore the magic of motherhood with 77 encouraging words for new moms. This collection of quotes, insights, and heartfelt messages will inspire you, make you laugh, and remind you of the incredible journey you're on. Whether you're a first-time mom or a seasoned parent, these words will resonate with every mother's heart.

Enjoying the Journey of Motherhood

73 – “Motherhood is a journey, not a destination. Embrace the ups and downs, and remember that you are doing a great job.” – Unknown

74 – “The most beautiful part of motherhood is the journey itself.” – Unknown

75 – “Every day is a new adventure in motherhood. Embrace the unknown, and enjoy the ride.” – Unknown

76 – “The only way to truly enjoy the journey of motherhood is to let go of expectations and just be present in the moment.” – Unknown

77 – “Remember that the journey of motherhood is not about perfection; it’s about love, growth, and connection.” – Unknown

So there you have it, 77 encouraging words for new moms. No matter what stage of motherhood you’re in, remember that you’re doing an incredible job.

Be kind to yourself, embrace the imperfections, and cherish the journey.

You’ve got this, mama!

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