10 Ways To Ensure You Have An Awesome Day

We all love those days when we feel like we are on top of the world. Why not stack the odds in your favour with these ways ensure you have an awesome day. You're probably doing some of them already!

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How amazing does it feel when you have one of those days where everything just works? You’re on cloud nine, you feel like you can achieve anything and you’re downright unstoppable. What if you could control when you have these days? While there are a lot of factors you might not be able to account for, covering off these few things will ensure you have an awesome day!

1 – Tell Yourself You’re Going To Have An Awesome Day

Seems pretty simple hey? But it’s all about setting your intentions for the day. What self talk do you have going on in your mind when you get up? A lot of the time for me it’s all about how late I’m running or how badly I need coffee. And while these things are usually true, all that does is keep me in a mindset of chaos.

Instead, I’ve started focusing on how I want my day to be, not how hectic it’s already feeling.

Somedays are easier than others, but you can do this in anyway that is most comfortable for you. Whether it’s writing it out, standing in front of the mirror and telling it to yourself or repeating it as a mantra before you get out of bed (or hey, all 3), setting your intentions for the day starts you off on the right foot.

2 – Plan Your Day

Some people do this the night before, others first thing in the morning – really it’s up to you and what works for you. But planning your day can make the world of difference. Similar to the step above, it’s all about setting your intentions and being clear.

You might have a jam packed day and planning will help you keep on track, or you might have a day where you can just take what comes at you, either way planning will keep your head clear.

Some things you may want to consider are meal plans (I suck at these but I do try…), tasks you need to complete, people you need to see, chores that need to be done. And above all else – self care. Schedule that in and you’re more likely to actually do it.

3 – Make Time For The Things You Love

How many times do you use the excuse of time for not doing the things you love? Do you like painting? Do you like sitting by the beach? Or reading?

Schedule it in. Plan for it to happen. And make the time. You have 24 hours in a day, it’s up to you what you do with those hours.

4 – Connect With The People You Love

Connecting with the people we love is a surefire way to ensure you have an awesome day. Make sure it’s with people who build you up and encourage you and make you feel amazing. (Which you should have people in your life like this at all times anyway).

You don’t have to go out and actually see them (although coffee and cake dates are awesome too) but it can be as simple as a phone call or text message just to connect and chat. And yes, our days are busy and full on, but take the time. It literally takes one minute to send a message – do it while you’re on the toilet if you have to! (Don’t deny it, we know you check Facebook while in there anyway).

5 – Acknowledge The Things You Are Grateful For

You can’t expect to get more amazing things in your life if you don’t acknowledge all the amazing things that are already there! It’s like saying you want more without saying thank you for what you already have.

You don’t have to spend a whole bunch of time doing this, but the more you practice it, the more natural it will be. There’s the obvious things to be grateful for (good health, beautiful weather, money in your bank account, friends, family…) but challenge yourself to be grateful for the things you would often take for granted.

I say thank you for every green light I get while I’m driving, every awesome parking space, every time I go to the grocery store and there’s no big line up… I even say thank you (under my breath) for having the money to pay for my groceries and for earning enough money to have to pay tax (and for all of the things that tax allows me to have).

Once you start it can be quite fun, and your day is bound to be awesome because you’re acknowledging all the awesome things in it!

We all love those days when we feel like we are on top of the world. Why not stack the odds in your favour with these ways ensure you have an awesome day. You're probably doing some of them already!

6 – Find Inspiration

Read, listen to or watch something inspiring every single day. Making the mindful effort to include inspiration into your day means you’ll be focusing on the things that make you happy. Inspiration comes in many forms, find what works for you and add that in.

You could listen to inspiring podcasts while you’re in the car or at the gym (my fave is while I’m grocery shopping because I loathe grocery shopping) or you could read for half an hour before you go to bed. Maybe you find the outdoors to be inspiring? Then make sure you spend time there every day. Whatever you choose to do, add it to your plan for the day so you know it’s going to happen.

7 – Smile

Smiles are incredibly powerful. Not only are they awesome to handout, they are also awesome to receive. The next time you’re out in public smile at a stranger and see how many smile back. You don’t have to be all weird about it and gawk, just a simple smile if you make eye contact. You could totally make someone’s day by doing this.

Also, research shows that it doesn’t matter if your smile is genuine or fake, it still triggers off the release of serotonin, which is the happy hormone that is also responsible for combating stress! The body is pretty darn incredible like that.

8 – Do Something Just For Yourself

We seem to be so good at doing everything for everyone else, whether it’s our kids, our partners, our family members, our friends, our colleagues…. But we aren’t so good at doing things for ourselves. Schedule in at least one thing to do that is entirely for you each and every day.

This could be as simple as making time to sit down and drink your coffee while it’s still hot, through to booking yourself in for a massage. Whatever works for you, just make sure it is for you! This will definitely ensure you have an awesome day!

9 – Do Something For Someone Else

While we are often doing things for others, we usually do this mindlessly and as part of our day to day tasks. While this doesn’t make it any less awesome that we do it, it doesn’t make us feel awesome because we kinda just do it all on autopilot.

So, take note of something you do for someone else and make a conscious effort to feel good about it. Did you make breakfast for the family? Feel good about it! Did you help someone with their grocery bags? Feel good! Did you offer to babysit a friends kids? Feel good about it. While it’s nice doing things for others, taking note of how good it makes you feel amazing.

10 – Nourish Yourself

While my idea of an awesome day includes cake in some form, I also know that eating cake all day, while it seems awesome, would actually leave me feeling crappy. Make a conscious choice to eat food that makes you feel good. Seems pretty simple hey?

Start your day with a green smoothie instead of a coffee, prepare yourself an awesome dinner filled with fresh veggies or find some way to sneak healthy into your day. Nourishing yourself will make you feel fantastic and will ensure you have an awesome day.

If this list is incredibly overwhelming to add into each of your days don’t stress. Start with one thing and then slowly add the others in. Chances are you’re doing a whole heap of them already and you just need to actually take notice.

I hope you have an awesome day!


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