How To Fake Getting Up Early (And Still Look Presentable)

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I swear, I am the Queen of being able to hit snooze 5 times, have 10 minutes to get ready and still walk out of the house looking presentable. Okay… maybe I run out of the house. But still, the point is you don’t need to get up early every single morning when you can fake getting up early and still look presentable.

It’s all about doing the basics of what you have to do, as well as being a little organised. Here’s how you fake getting up early:

1 – Prepare Like You’re Going To Be Running Late

Do you know how many decisions we make of a morning before we even leave the house? Way too many. Think about it… shall I have a tea or coffee? What should I wear? Which shoes will match? What shall I have for breakfast? Should I take lunch or buy lunch?

Alleviate some of that brain power usage by organising yourself the night before. If you’re notorious for running late, it’s imperative to prepare like you’re going to be running late. And if you’re a lover of that snooze button, then this little routine will be your best friend.

Have your clothes laid out ready the night before, including your underwear, socks, shoes and accessories. Have your breakfast prepped or even take a breakfast to eat with you (things like mini quiche’s a great for this). Have your bag packed, batteries charged and everything ready for you to just walk out the door. Seriously, it takes an extra 10 minutes at night but can save you half an hour (and a whole heap of headache) of a morning.

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2 – Always Freshen Up

When you’ve hit the snooze button a few too many times, it’s easy to overlook the basics of your morning routine and rush out the door still feeling half asleep. A quick freshen up doesn’t take long. A minute or two at most.

I always cover off the basics – wash my face, brush my teeth, moisturise and put on deodorant. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you wake up once this is done. If you’re someone who absolutely must shower of a morning then set a timer before you jump in so you’re not wasting precious time in there. It’s easy to be in a beautiful hot shower for 10 minutes without it even feeling like you’ve been there that long.

When you've hit the snooze button too many times, don't settle for looking frumpy! Here's how you can fake getting up early and still look presentable (in less than 10 minutes!!)


3 – Minimal Makeup That Takes Just a Few Minutes

The goal is to have your ‘minimal makeup’ routine down to just 5 minutes. When you’re running late you don’t have time to perfect your winged eyeliner (which, if you know me is hilarious because I’m the most uncoordinated when it comes to eyeliner and literally never wear it).

My ‘go to’ covers off the basics with either a good tinted moisturiser or a light foundation (this is my favourite), a quick brush and powder over the eyebrows (using this kit because it’s all about the brows), mascara to brighten your eyes for that ‘I didn’t just wake up’ look and a quick lip gloss to finish you off.

On a good day I can get this routine down to around 3 minutes. I’ve had plenty of practice.

4 – Don’t Get Fancy, Rock The Messy Bun

If I’ve washed my hair the night before, I always make sure I run the straightener over it before bed. It means I don’t have to spend as much time styling it in the morning, even if I have plenty of time. But it also means I can throw it up in a messy bun that still looks presentable. The messy bun isn’t too difficult – check out this tutorial.

If you want to get a little fancy you can always jazz your messy bun up with a nice bow or hair flower or even a head band if you’re into that look.

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5 – Grab What You Need and Go

When you’re running late, one of the most annoying things is that feeling like you’ve forgotten something. Then, you end up running back and checking your doors are locked or that you’ve grabbed your phone and it takes you twice as long to get out the door.

As you’re grabbing what you need, say out loud what you have. Sounds a little silly but it works. Say to yourself ‘I’ve locked the back door’ or ‘I have my phone in my handbag’ and you’ll remember that you’ve actually done these things.

While I do believe getting up early is a good habit to get into, and a slow, mindful start to the day is the most productive and refreshing, I also know that the snooze button is very tempting. You can definitely fake getting up early and still look presentable, as long as you have your plan of attack prepared.

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