11 Daily Habits To Make You More Successful

Successful people create daily habits that help them keep routine and track their success. Add these daily habits to make you more successful to your day!

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What do most successful people have in common? They have routines and they have habits they carry out each and every day that help them achieve their goals, stay focused on their tasks and simply get on with it. These aren’t daily habits like ‘answer all your emails before 9am’ or ‘get up at 5am every single morning’. These are daily habits that make you more confident, make you feel better about yourself and in turn, make you more successful.

You should also know, it’s entirely up to you to decide what successful means for you/ Does it mean a high paying job? Perhaps owning your own home…? Running your own business…? Maybe successful is having a happy and healthy family? Or perhaps it is just as simple as being happy when you lay your head on your pillow at night…

Whatever successful means to you, these daily habits to make you more successful are sure to have an incredibly positive impact on your life.

1 – Make Time For Yourself

With schedules jam packed with meetings and kids soccer matches, making time for yourself is usually the first ‘priority’ to be removed from the list. We tend to think that if we just devote all of our time to doing things for others and getting shit done, then we will somehow be a success and feel better.

This is so far from the truth.

You cannot possibly take care of anyone else, or be successful in anyway, if you don’t first fill your own cup. You are valuable – you are worthy of time. So make it happen. It could be as simple or as intense as you like. Maybe all you need to make yourself feel rejuvenated is 10 minutes with a hot cup of coffee, and actually drinking it while it’s still hot. Maybe a day at the spa is more your style.

Whatever it is, schedule it in and make it happen.

2 – Challenge Yourself

Push your limits. Becoming complacent is a sure fire way to get stuck in a rut and stop moving towards success. Challenge yourself in different ways, intellectually, physically, mentally… Set yourself goals and then push them a little higher and push yourself a little further.

As long as you have something you are moving towards then you are growing. As soon as you stop, your success will stop too.

3 – Educate Yourself

You don’t need a university degree to be educated. Knowledge is power and success requires knowledge. Is there a particular topic you’re interested in? Research it. Want to learn a new skill? Take a course or take a class.

It doesn’t all have to be business or career related either?

Always wanted to learn how to cook? Go to cooking classes, buy yourself cook books and watch YouTube videos. There are countless ways to learn these days, make the most of them!

4 – Understand Any Guilt You Feel And Move On

I’d be lying if I didn’t include guilt somewhere in this article. According to this article, 96% of women feel ashamed at least once a day. It’s fairly safe to say we have all experienced guilt at some point, and for many of us it’s on a daily basis.

We feel guilty if we go to work, we feel guilty if we stay at home, we feel guilty if we say no to going out with friends and then we feel guilty if we haven’t given ourselves enough alone time.

While overcoming guilt takes a lot of hard work, what we can do on a daily basis is acknowledge our guilt and move through it. Sometimes, even saying things out loud reduces their impact. If you were to say ‘Today I am feeling guilty for going to work and leaving my son at daycare’ you might be able to combat the inner dialogue a little. However, if you add to that your positive outcome with ‘Although I feel guilty for going to work and leaving my son at daycare, I am earning money to provide for my family and be able to live a lifestyle we love’.

It’s all about understanding why you feel guilty, adding perspective, and moving on.

5 – Add Healthy Practices – Not Just Going To The Gym

We are all learning more and more that ‘being healthy’ doesn’t just mean going to the gym or eating a strict diet of kale and paleo dishes. Healthy is a mindset, it is about our whole life. It encompasses everything we do, everyday.

What healthy practices do you include in your day and what could you add?

It doesn’t have to be anything major on day one, just start. One thing, just add one thing in and focus on that. Then, once it has become part of your ‘normal’, add another. Check this out for some inspiration.

Successful people create daily habits that help them keep routine and track their success. Add these daily habits to make you more successful to your day!

6 – Be Financially Savvy

It is vitally important to know the ins and outs of your finances, to be on top of your financial situation. You cannot possibly expect to be successful if you don’t even know where you stand financially.

There’s a lot of poor financial habits we fall into, and it takes time to work out what works best for us. But your finances are such a massive part of your life. They shouldn’t be something you fear or something that causes you anxiety. They should be something that you are excited about and feel empowered by.

Get to know your own financial situation and if you need help, find it. Read great finance books, get your money mindset in order and take the time to understand and leverage your finances.

7 – Smile

No resting bitch face here. Do you realise how different you feel if you smile. And what about when you smile at someone else? I challenge you to smile at a complete stranger today. Chances are they will smile back. That means your smile just made someone else smile. That’s pretty darn powerful.

Smiling is said to increase our serotonin, the neurotransmitter responsible for our happiness. Even if you fake your smile, there is still an increase in serotonin. Winner.

So smile, even if you have to fake it. Watch funny cat videos on YouTube and embrace the power of a smile.

8 – Step Away From Work

It’s easy to fall into the ‘work your arse off day and night and you’ll be successful’ mindset. After all, we think that the more we work the more success we will have. But it’s not that simple.

It’s not always about how much you work but how effective you are when you are working. One of the ways to improve your quality of work and effectiveness? Take a break. Step away.

Work isn’t everything – what’ the point in being ‘successful’ if you don’t actually like your life? Is that truly successful at all?

Step away from your work. If that means you have to give yourself work hours and work within them, then do it. If you have to schedule down time, then do it. Step away and enjoy yourself. I guarantee things will be okay.

9 – Set Yourself Goals And Keep Track of Them

‘A goal without a plan is just a wish.’

Do you dive deep into your goals or do you just make grand sweeping declarations that you never really follow up on (sometimes I do these too..). How will you ever know if you have achieved your goals if you don’t have a way of measuring and tracking them?

Set goals with timeframes and action plans that detail how you’re going to achieve them. Be strategic and intentional. Then measure your success, re-evaluate your situation and set more goals.

10 – Celebrate The Wins, Both Big And Small

Celebrate your wins, you deserve it! Don’t just reserve celebrations for big wins and big changes, celebrating the little achievements along the way can be just as important.

Some days this may be as simple as celebrating ticking off the items off your to do list and rewarding yourself with some extra downtime, hiring a movie you’ve wanted to see for a while or buying a slightly fancier bottle of wine to celebrate.

Others, it could be a full blown ‘heck yeah I’m awesome’ kind of celebration for a big goal you’ve been working on. Whatever it is, celebrating your goals helps keep you motivated, driven and balanced.

11 – Help Others

The old idea of needing to be ruthless in order to succeed is long gone and tearing others down to build yourself up never works. However, giving to others and helping them always pays off in some way.

Whether you volunteer your time with local charities, teach others how to achieve a certain skill or simply listen when someone wants to talk, being able to help others each and every day, in some way, will make you a happier and more wholesome person.

Some days it may be that you focus on helping your kids (because we all know that takes up a lot of time!!) others it could be helping a friend move, helping a family member or even helping a complete stranger. Helping others shows kindness, compassion and makes you feel good.

How many of these daily habits do you have already? And which ones do you want to add to your day?


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