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60 Positive Affirmations For Daughters – To Strengthen & Empower

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In a world that can be so critical and negative, it’s scary to think of what our daughters will experience.

We can look back on all we have experienced, the criticisms, the social pressures, the barrage of ‘you’re not good enough’ – and hope so much that our daughters never experience anything like it.

But as mothers, it’s also important for us to strengthen and empower our daughters, so if they do experience these things, they can brush them off like the irrelevant nonsense they are.

One of the ways we can do this is by using positive affirmations for daughters.

What Are Positive Affirmations?

Affirmations are simple statements or positive phrases, that use positive words, and are in the present tense.

They are designed to be repeated to ourselves, either out loud or in our minds (there are a few other ways too but for simplicity, let’s focus on saying them to ourselves for now).

The aim is to focus on the positive aspects of our lives, rather than the negative ones. By doing this, we can change our mindset and eventually our reality.

Affirmations are a powerful tool. It’s not magic, but it is science. Studies have shown that affirmations can actually change the way our brains work and respond to different situations.

Affirmations work on our subconscious mind, and by repeating positive affirmations regularly, they literally create new neural pathways that allow our brains to naturally choose more positive thoughts (like those we have about ourselves) rather than negative thoughts.

This leads to the ability to overcome negative self-talk and low self-esteem and leads to more positive thinking and a more positive mindset.

Why Are Positive Affirmations Empowering For Daughters?

I tell my kids all the time – the words we use have real power. That power can be good and uplifting, or it can be negative and hurtful.

Positive affirmations are incredibly empowering because they help to change the way our daughters think about themselves.

If our daughters are used to hearing negative things about themselves, they may start to believe them (as is natural for our brains to do).

But if they are constantly surrounded by positive messages, they will start to see themselves in a more positive light.

The ability to think positively about herself can lead to increased self-esteem and self-confidence, and can help her to overcome negative thought patterns on her own, being able to focus on more positive thoughts… imagine how life-changing that would have been for us as teenagers!

How To Use Positive Affirmations For Daughters?

There are lots of different ways you can use positive affirmations for daughters.

The important thing is that you find a way to include them in your daily routine because the power of affirmations comes with regular repetition of them.

Some great ideas to include affirmations in your daily life include:

  • Write them down and put them around the house, so she sees them all the time.
  • Say them to her regularly, each morning and throughout the day.
  • Record yourself saying them and play them back to her, or record them as subliminal messages with relaxing music overplaying, and put the music on as she falls asleep at night.
  • Encourage her to say them to herself every day, either out loud or in her head.
  • Write them on the bathroom mirror in a dry-erase marker, or get a mirror sticker made.
  • Print out affirmation cards and use them as lunchbox notes.
  • Start your day with morning affirmations – choose a powerful statement from a list of positive affirmations and repeat together while taking deep breaths.

The more she hears them, the more likely she is to start believing them!

And once she starts believing them, that’s when the real magic can happen.

60 Positive Affirmations For Daughters

A quick note about these positive affirmations: it is important that your daughter repeats these affirmations as an ‘I am’ statement, rather than a ‘you are’.

When someone tells us ‘you are’ it’s easier for our brain to filter this information, whereas when we say ‘I am’ it is a more powerful connection.

While it is still important for her to hear these from you, encourage her to say them for herself too.

It might feel a little odd at first, but try repeating them with her (because you’ll see the benefits of them too), you could even use them as little daily mantras or chants.

Here are some positive daily affirmations for daughters:

1 – I am worthy of love and respect.

2 – I am strong, capable, and confident.

3 – I am unique and special.

4 – I am loved.

5 – I am grateful for all that I have.

6 – I am kind and compassionate.

7 – I forgive myself and others.

8 – Today is going to be a great day.

9 – I am in charge of my life and I can make my own choices.

10 – I am an amazing person and a good friend.

11 – I choose to look toward positive role models.

12 – Good things are happening for me.

13 – I radiate positive energy.

14 – I have a big heart and find ways to show kindness to others.

15 – My voice matters.

16 – It’s okay to have bad days, they will pass.

17 – Every day is a fresh start.

18 – I am never alone, there will always be people to help me.

19 – I allow negative feelings to pass by and focus on the wonderful things in my life.

20 – I can do hard things.

21 – I am my own person – there is no one like me.

22 – I choose to think happy thoughts – how I think is my choice.

23 – I enjoy trying new activities and learning new things.

24 – I am a hard worker – I can do anything I put my mind to.

25 – In stressful situations, I know I can pause for a moment, take a breath, and then keep going.

26 – I am a good listener and pay attention to those around me.

27 – I am here to have a big impact on the world.

28 – I have so much inner strength – anything is possible.

29 – It is safe for me to show my feelings.

30 – I am curious and always learning.

31 – I celebrate mistakes I make because it means I have learned something new.

32 – My imagination is powerful, and it can take me anywhere I want to go.

33 – I am always moving forward, even if it’s just a tiny step.

34 – I respect myself and others.

35 – I am always trying my best.

36 – I listen to my heart and trust my intuition.

37 – I am flexible and adaptable to change.

38 – When I need help, I know how to ask for it.

39 – I am grateful for my unique gifts and talents.

40 – I take care of my mind, body, and soul.

41 – I stand up for what I believe in, even when it’s difficult.

42 – I speak only positive words about myself.

43 – I am grateful for all of the wonderful people in my life.

44 – I am brave.

45 – I am full of love.

46 – I am surrounded by an abundance of opportunities and possibilities.

47 – I know that everything happens for a reason, even if I don’t understand it at the time.

48 – I only compare who I am to the past versions of myself.

49 – I believe in myself.

50 – I am safe.

51 – I am healthy.

52 – I am strong.

53 – I am powerful.

54 – My words have power, I choose to use positive words.

55 – It is safe for me to ask for what I need.

56 – I am intelligent.

57 – I am creative.

58 – I enjoy moving my body and seeing how strong and capable my body is.

59 – I am confident.

60 – I love myself, exactly as I am.

Final Thoughts

These positive affirmations for daughters are designed to help her feel strong, confident, loved, and supported – but it’s so important that she hears them from you too.

Make sure to tell her how much you love her every day, and see how these powerful affirmations create positive beliefs in your daughter’s mind.

There’s no doubt that the benefits of positive affirmations are profound, but one of the great things about using these affirmations together is seeing how your relationship changes and grows in a positive way.

Empowered daughters grow up to be strong women, and we can always do with more strong women in our world.

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