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In a world of coffee lovers, surely there's some link between your coffee order and your personality. Here's what your coffee order says about you. Do you think it's accurate?

What Your Coffee Order Says About You

I’m all for observational humour, I love people watching and I love the psychology behind personalities, motivation and what makes us who we are....
There's no denying coffee is the number one choice for a whole heap of people to start their day, but what if you want alternatives to your morning coffee? Here are 5 options for you that are just as good (we promise).

5 Alternatives To Your Morning Coffee That Are Just As Good

If you’re anything like me, you roll out of bed of a morning and barely function without your morning coffee. You fumble your way...
As soon as you announce your pregnancy you'll start to hear all the crazy myths about being a new mum. Here's what's true, what's totally not even close and what you need to be mindful of.

15 Myths About Being a New Mum

As if being a new mum isn’t hard enough, there’s a whole heap of stories we are told from the moment those two lines...
Want to be independent and stop relying so much on others? We've got you covered with these ways to gain independence as a woman and kick ass doing it! Sometimes you just have to blow your own darn mind!

10 Ways To Gain Independence As A Woman

Do you see yourself as being an independent woman? As someone who has it all together? I had always seen myself as this strong...
Do you feel like you need to sneak healthy habits into your day to boost your healthy factor? That's okay, we all do. These ideas will have you covered and adding more healthy to your day than you can poke a stick at!

10 Ways To Sneak ‘Healthy’ Into Your Day Without Kale

How many times have you said ‘I just want to be healthier’ but felt the actual act of being healthier was a little too...
Think by the time you turn 30 you need to have this whole 'adult' thing down pat? You definitely don't, but there are certain things women should know by the time 30 comes around (or even sooner).

30 Things Women Should Know By 30

Turning 30 wasn’t easy for me. I know right… poor me hey? But really, it was a struggle. I remember when I was a...
Whether you're into a woo woo spiritual approach or more straight down the line no BS approach, here's 7 books that will make you a better person and help you live your best life.

7 Books That Will Make You A Better Person

Books can be powerful, they can inspire, motivate and make you a better person. A far cry from the old ways of hiding your...