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Unbelievably Easy Healthy Homemade Granola Recipe

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I love to snack… a lot. Which means it’s also very easy for me to grab something not so healthy to snack on because food is awesome and I love eating it. After my son was born and I was hungry all the darn time, I would snack on granola to keep myself satisfied. It was amazing and I loved all the delicious little chewy bits in it! But, it was mass produced and I know it had a ton of sugar in it…

So I switched to making my own. This unbelievably easy and healthy homemade granola recipe is what got me through the midnight snacks when my son was a baby and what I’ve used over the years to keep on hand as a quick, healthy and delicious munch.

The thing is, I’m also super lazy when it comes to cooking. I love cooking, and I love creating recipes and putting together dishes for others to try (I’d much rather cook for others than myself) but I also have a really short attention span. So the recipe needs to be simple, quick and easy to do.

Which is why this is perfect.

If I don't have a healthy snack on hand I'll start eating everything in sight, which is why this easy healthy homemade granola recipe hits the spot. Yum!

I can put it in the oven, go and do something else, come back and do the next step, then go and do something else. I just have to keep reminding myself to put a timer on otherwise I’d forget it was in there and totally burn it.

This granola is gluten free so it will suit just about anyone, peanut free and low in sugar too which is always a bonus.

My son has this for breakfast in place of cereal too, we just keep it in a container in the cupboard and he has it with his lactose-free milk (lactose intolerant = fun) and treats it like you would cereal. Some days we chop up some fresh strawberries and blueberries to pop on top but most days it’s pretty darn tasty just on its own.

You could also use this recipe to make granola bars too. Instead of spreading the ingredients out over a large space, compact them into a smaller baking dish lined with baking paper to get the height needed. Then chop up into bar shapes when cooled.

This is a super healthy mix too with the nuts providing a whole bunch of healthy fats, fibre and making you feel fuller for longer. Plus you can customise it however you’d like. Want less sugar? Omit the dried fruit. Want more chew? Add goji berries for a different texture. Want something super indulgent and a little naughty? Add some small dark chocolate chips (only a little, and make sure they’re dark chocolate, and only add them after you’ve baked the mix). 

Alright, less rambling… more food!

[yumprint-recipe id=’3′]If I don't have a healthy snack on hand I'll start eating everything in sight, which is why this easy healthy homemade granola recipe hits the spot. Yum! Healthy Granola | Granola Recipe | Homemade Granola | Paleo | Paleo Granola | Gluten Free | Gluten Free Granola | Vegan | Vegan Granola | Easy Granola | Paleo Snack

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