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15 Of The Best TED Talks About Marriage, Relationships and Love

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No matter what part of your life you want to learn more about or develop, there’s a TED Talk to help you get there.

I’m a massive fan of TED Talks, so naturally, when I wanted to learn more about marriage and relationships, I turned to finding TED Talks about marriage, relationships, love and everything in between.

And what I found was a gold mine! So many amazing talks that challenge the way you think and inspire you to see things from a different perspective. Love it. 

Here are the best TED Talks about marriage, but also talks about relationships too because sometimes there’s a little difference in dynamic when discussing ideas and approach to your relationships and love.

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1 – The Power of Vulnerability – Brené Brown

Perhaps on the of the most well known and popular TED Talks of all time, Brené challenges our thoughts on vulnerability, what it is, what it means for us and how we can actually use it in our lives. 

Apply this vulnerability to your relationships and your marriage and you’ll start to see how powerful it can be. 

You can find Brené’s book here – The Gifts Of Imperfection

2 – A Better Way To Talk About Love – Mandy Len Catron

How do you talk about love?

The words we use are powerful and can influence us in forming perceptions about our lives. This talk seriously opened my eyes as to how I talk about love and my marriage. 

It’s seriously amazing to think that the words we use to describe love are linked to the way we expect love to look, feel and play out.

Like self-fulfilling prophecies. Very interesting. 

3 – Technology Hasn’t Changed Love. Here’s Why – Helen Fisher

How many times have you heard that technology has changed the way we love, the way we date and how romances are happening?

With text messaging, Facebooking and Tinder, how much is this actually affecting love? 

Helen Fisher says it hasn’t in this really interesting TED Talk. 

There's a TED Talk to cover just about every topic, so of course, I turned to TED Talks about marriage to find out more about marriage, relationships, love and everything in between. These are some of the best TED Talks I found, each bringing something unique and interesting.

4 – This Is What Enduring Love Looks Like – Alec Soth and Stacey Baker

How did you and your partner meet?

Everyone has this story, and they love to tell it.

But really it’s the question of ‘How have you managed to stay together’ that is the most telling and the most interesting. 

5 – Rethinking Infidelity… A Talk For Anyone Who Has Ever Loved – Esther Perel

Is infidelity such a taboo topic that you haven’t actually spoken to your partner about it?

I’m not talking about just saying that it’s wrong, but talking deeply about it, unpacking your thoughts on it and discussing it with your partner.

It’s an interesting topic to discuss, and this talk will challenge how you think about it. 

6 – Love – You’re Doing It Wrong – Yann Dall’Aglio 

How do you value yourself and how do you bring that value to a relationship?

If love is the need to be desired by others then we place emphasis on the value they see in us, but what if we emphasised the value we see in ourselves? 

Want to have more fun in your relationship? Grab a copy of our free Mini Relationship Planner, including the 100+ questions to ask as conversation starters. 

7 – What You Don’t Know About Marriage – Jenna McCarthy

So many interesting stats on marriage, including a heap of obscure ones that are funny too.

A light hearted take on the stats of marriage and divorce including some risk factors you may not have even considered. 

(scroll for more insightful TED Talks about Marriage, Relationships and Love)

8 – An Argument Free Marriage – Fawn Weaver

Fawn is the creator of ‘The Happy Wives Club’ and talks about how to have an argument free marriage.

Some may say it’s not possible, but I have to agree with her, as I too have an argument free marriage. It doesn’t mean you avoid communication, it means you avoid arguing.

A fantastic talk about challenging how we think a relationship should look like and going against what others say is or isn’t possible. 

9 – Skills for Healthy Romantic Relationships – Joanne Davila

“We may know what a healthy relationship looks like, but most people have no idea how to get one, and no one teaches us how to do so. We need to teach people how to have healthy relationships.”

So many people look to fix their relationships with therapy and look to then have a healthy relationship, but by then it could be too late. We need to learn how to have a healthy relationship right from the start. 

This is a great talk that gives you ideas of how to get a healthy relationship, and how to avoid an unhealthy one. 

10 – Falling In Love Is The Easy Part – Mandy Len Catron

Can asking someone 36 questions then looking into their eyes for 4 minutes be a fast track to falling in love? And is falling in love enough? 

Falling in love is different to staying in love. You might be able to fall in love quickly, but staying in love is scary, terrifying and takes a conscious choice. 

11 – How Your Brain Falls In Love – Dawn Maslar

Is love simply a biochemical reaction?

I love hearing about the science and more specifically, the neuroscience behind love, the chemicals that are released and the difference between men and women when we fall in love. 

Maybe your grandma know’s more about love than you do… 

There's a TED Talk to cover just about every topic, so of course, I turned to TED Talks about marriage to find out more about marriage, relationships, love and everything in between. These are some of the best TED Talks I found, each bringing something unique and interesting.

12 – The Person You Really Need To Marry – Tracy McMillan

As someone who believes we should all have more self confidence, this TED Talk is one that I love!

We need to spend more time loving ourselves than we do searching for love from somone else. 

13 – The Secret To Desire In A Long-Term Relationship – Esther Perel

When are you most drawn to your partner?

What keeps the desire alive in a long-term relationship?

This is such a fascinating talk about the concept of desire and how it is different to love. 

14 – Relationships Are Hard, But Why? – Stan Tatkin

What if relationships are just hard and that’s the way they are meant to be?

What if our brains are wired to fight and argue?

Conflict is going to happen in a relationship, but “human relationships can survive fights. Human relationships cannot survive the loss of safety and security.”

This talk breaks down the basics of why we fight and why we argue, and how we can reduce how much we fight. 

Our major job is to protect each other and make each other feel safe & secure.”

15 – Monogamish: The New Rules Of Marriage – Jessica O’Reilly

Is marriage destined to fail?

With a 50/50 chance of ‘survival’ are they the kind of odds you want to take?

Perhaps our current form of marriage has design flaws and needs to be reassessed and challenged. 

Could monogamish be the answer to a happy marriage, where there’s thought, but not action, talk but not touch?

I’ve read studies before that support this theory, and this is a great talk that explains it. 

The thing I love the most about all of these talks is that there isn’t one that says ‘this is the way you need to have a relationship and it’s the only way and any other way won’t be good enough’.

They all understand that relationships and love are different for everyone.

I’ve watched hours and hours of TED Talks about marriage, love, relationships, happiness and self confidence and one of the most common things I see in each of them is the ability to talk with your partner, and your ability to have fun with your partner. 

There's a TED Talk to cover just about every topic, so of course, I turned to TED Talks about marriage to find out more about marriage, relationships, love and everything in between. These are some of the best TED Talks I found, each bringing something unique and interesting.


Tuesday 24th of September 2019

I love this article! Have you checked out Michelle Weiner-Davis's talk on the Sex Starved Marriage. It's really interesting!

Krystal Kleidon

Tuesday 24th of September 2019

I haven't seen that one yet! I'll have to check it out. Thank you!


Wednesday 25th of April 2018

Hi Krystal, I enjoyed going through your site and I am just wondering why you are not a parenting coach or teacher! I found that a lot of your articles fall into the education category. would love to hear more! My site is somewhat similar. let me know!

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