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5 of The Best TED Talks About Marriage (To Watch With Your Spouse)

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When it comes to just about any topic, of course, there’s a TED Talk about it… in fact, there’s a whole lot! And there’s no shortage of TED Talks about marriage (one of my favorite topics).

And a lot of them give a whole bunch of value and insight into marriage and the dynamics that come with it.

But, it can also be overwhelming when you look a the list of marriage TED Talks, where do you start?

I am a massive fan of TED Talks and watch them regularly.

I love the way they can make you see a different side of a topic, can challenge your thought processes, and in some cases, make you feel like you’re on the right track or you’re doing things well.

That’s definitely why I love TED Talks about marriage, because there’s no one size fits all approach and marriage is one of those areas of our life where we should always be striving to learn more, do better, and keep checking in (with each other and with ourselves).

These TED Talks are chosen to help you do exactly that – and they’re perfect for watching together with your spouse!

While we have compiled a list of TED Talks about relationships before, these talks are specifically about marriage and how you can make yours even better!

Do you love TED Talks? I do too, and one topic that I really love watching about is marriage. There is no shortage of TED Talks on marriage, and I've narrowed down the list for you. Here are 5 of the best TED Talks about marriage!

1 – 3 Ways To Build A Happy Marriage And Avoid Divorce – by George Blair-West

Prevention is better than a cure, therefore preventing one of the most stressful and traumatic experiences that affects 45% of marriages should be what we are all aiming for.

George Blair-West is a practicing psychiatrist who delivers a captivating talk that all couples should watch and pay attention to.

The factors that predict and lead to divorce might not be what you thought they were (which is even more reason as to why you should work on preventing divorce rather than trying to fix a relationship once the cracks are already beginning to show.

2 – 4 Habits Of All Successful Relationships – by Dr. Andrea & Jonathan Taylor-Cummings

In the observations of Dr Andrea and Jonathan Taylor-Cummings, all successful relationships display the same four simple yet fundamental habits, of which they share in this must watch TED Talk.

These are habits that we can all learn, develop and implement into any relationship we have.

The research shows that lacking quality relationships can have as much, if not more of an impact on our lifespan than obesity and lack of exercise.

This talk is a great eye opener to the challenges in relationships and how you can modify the mindset you have to ensure you have a more successful relationship.

3 – An Argument Free Marriage – by Fawn Weaver

Fawn is the creator of ‘The Happy Wives Club’ and talks about how to have an argument free marriage. Some may say it’s not possible, but I have to agree with her, as I too have an argument free marriage.

It doesn’t mean you avoid communication, it means you avoid arguing.

A fantastic talk about challenging how we think a relationship should look like and going against what others say is or isn’t possible.

4 – Falling In Love Is The Easy Part – by Mandy Len Catron

Can asking someone 36 questions then looking into their eyes for 4 minutes be a fast track to falling in love? And is falling in love enough?

Falling in love is different to staying in love. You might be able to fall in love quickly, but staying in love is scary, terrifying and takes a conscious choice.

This TED Talk is such a great conversation starter to talk with your spouse about what your thoughts on love are, whether you feel it’s enough and how you can choose to stay in love each and every day. One of my favorite talks for sure.

5 – Skills For Healthy Romantic Relationships – by Joanne Davila

“We may know what a healthy relationship looks like, but most people have no idea how to get one, and no one teaches us how to do so. We need to teach people how to have healthy relationships.”

So many people look to fix their relationships with therapy and look to then have a healthy relationship, but by then it could be too late. We need to learn how to have a healthy relationship right from the start.

This is a great talk that gives you ideas of how to get a healthy relationship, and how to avoid an unhealthy one – such a good topic to talk to your spouse about too!

Whether you’re a newlywed or a well seasoned married couple, these TED Talks will certainly give you and your spouse some great topics to talk about and dive a little deeper into when it comes to chatting about your marriage.

Use these TED Talks as conversation starters, watch them together and then, more importantly, discuss the ideas and concepts within the talks and whether they align with or challenge your own ideas and beliefs.

Do you love TED Talks? I do too, and one topic that I really love watching about is marriage. There is no shortage of TED Talks on marriage, and I've narrowed down the list for you. Here are 5 of the best TED Talks about marriage!

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