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5 Ways to Prove to Yourself You’re Brave

Save This For Later...

When my gorgeous friend Lisa said she wanted to write an article for the readers here at Project Hot Mess I started jumping up and down with glee. This woman is truly incredible.

And then she sent through this article and you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face! You see, Lisa is the QUEEN of making people feel amazing, but she also helps women feel like they should be able to make themselves feel amazing. That’s not an easy thing to do. 

This article just proves how wonderful she is, and how encouraging she is. 

So I challenge you to do something brave from this list. They’re not easy, #1 makes my palms all sweaty just thinking about it, and #5 seems like it’s way more up my alley. But that’s not the point is it? The whole idea is to push yourself outside of your comfort zone – to prove to yourself you’re brave. 

So be sure to let us know in the comments what you did, or what you have done lately that has helped you prove to yourself you’re brave! 

(By Lisa Leshaw) 

1 – Sing

Not in the shower. Not in the car. Not at a concert where you blend in with thousands so no one hears you. Make a video on your Facebook page singing acapella. That’s right! No musical accompaniment.

Pick a simple song, perhaps one from childhood. If you must, you can put in a disclaimer warning your followers that you’re about to bust out a tune which enables them to choose a number of options; a) Not listen yet pretend they did; b) Plug their ears; c) Listen and cringe. 

Either way, it takes guts to sing in public especially when you are not a trained professional. Barbra Streisand suffers from stage fright and she’s talented. Here’s the coup de gras: You have to watch the video without plugging YOUR ears and you cannot delete it until you receive at least 25 comments.

2 – Stop At Every Mirror In a Clothing Store And Smile At Yourself

This one requires a bit of tact and skill as security cameras will pick up your behaviour and a security guard might then be dispatched to pick YOU up. The point here is that we are so hard on ourselves that if we do in fact unintentionally catch a glimpse of ourselves in a mirror we generally make yucky remarks about our bodies.

So stop and smile and give yourself a few admiring glances. You’ll be surprised how you feel following this self-absorbed stance.

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3 – Tell The Mother At The Bus Stop Who Looks Like She Stepped Out Of Vogue That She Looks Like She Stepped Out Of Vogue 

As you stand beside her in your sweat pants and flip-flops with two bobby pins holding a dishevelled bun in place it’s easy to be judgmental thinking this woman has no idea what it’s like to be in your shoes. Perhaps she doesn’t.

Either way it takes guts to put aside your envy and resentment to give her a compliment. Try it! You might feel better and she might too!

A well-dressed woman is not always an indication that everything is running smoothly in her life only our perception that it is.

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There's only one person in the world that you need to prove yourself to and that's you! My gorgeous friend Lisa has shared her wisdom on how you can prove to yourself you're brave and gutsy and how to push those comfort boundaries. Be warned, these aren't for the faint of heart.

4 – Ask Your Mother In Law For Advice On How To Raise Her Grandchildren

You don’t have to follow through on the recommendations, however, including your Mother-in-law in decision-making makes your husband happy, makes your MIL feel valued and keeps the peace.

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You might be surprised that she actually has worthwhile wisdom to share. Then again;

5 – Ignore Everything Your Friends Tell You About How To Improve Your Life

Friends are the most well-meaning and intentionally caring people in our lives yet for those reasons alone their opinions are slightly skewed. They want what’s best for us however they may not really know what’s best for us and they think they do and then we think they do and then we listen to them and POOF! we’re no better off than before.

Friends are the most indispensable and treasured of gifts. Accept their love and return it ten-fold and unconditionally. Just don’t take all the suggestions on bettering your life while they are struggling to better theirs.

And the best way of all to prove how brave and gutsy you are? Be good to yourself. In a world spinning out of control that’s the first thing we set aside and the last one we should.

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