10 Women Confess The Body Parts They Are Most Self Conscious About

Which part of your body are you most self conscious about? These 10 women confess what it is for them, and also what they are most confident about. Balance.

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Without a doubt, we all have a part of our body we are self conscious about. As women, we often pass this off as a joke “oh my cankles won’t fit in those boots” or “Oh I can’t shop there, they don’t have ‘chubby’ as a size, haha”. So I had an idea – because women are so quick to confess the body parts they are most self conscious about… but far less inclined to share the body parts they love. 

So I asked them. 

I asked a bunch of women to not only share with me the body parts they are self conscious about, but the ones they love too. 

Because it’s so important to remind ourselves that even though there may be a few little parts to our bodies we aren’t so happy about, there are also parts we should be so proud of and we should be talking up! 

Here’s what they had to say:

“#1 is my general weight. At 79kg I’m certainly not obese, but feel way too large in my own body. #2 is my eyes, which I use to create a desired effect. Usually to either persuade, make me look and feel confident/intelligent and to draw away from. ”

Tash Guthrie – Life, Business, Motherhood

“I’m least confident in my breasts. I’m on the small side of a 32A, and push up bras don’t help because there’s not even enough to push up.

I’m most confident in my face. I’m not beautiful, my face is pretty average which might be better. If I was beautiful I think I would be more aware of my appearance and preening, but with average appearance I just blend in. I wear makeup when I want but don’t think twice about going without.”

Alethea Mshar – The Writing, Running Mom

“1. I’m most self conscious about my stomach. I have a long torso, so before I had kids I had a nice, long, and flat stomach. But, after my babies it is still long but not so flat anymore, with some stretch marks to boot.

2. I would say my favorite feature is my face. I struggled with acne as a teenager, and I came out the other end with some scars. But, the older I get the more compliments I now get on “how young I look.” I’ve been told I have the face of a porcelain doll many times. I wish I could have told my teenage self that, she wouldn’t have been so hard on herself over a few breakouts.”

Britt LeBoeuf – The Bomb SAHM

“Ahhh – I’ve struggled to respond because I’m not in a good place with my body right now. So, right now, I feel most conscious about my midsection – not just my belly but the accompanying back fat, yuck! Luckily, I wear clothes pretty much all of the time, which hides a multitude of sins.

I do however, feel pretty good about my face. The extra pounds aren’t as obvious there and works miracles on the wrinkles!!! 

Trying really hard to say f- it and give myself a break. A little forgiveness goes a looooong way!”

Shannon Mika – This Mom Shit Is Hard

Which part of your body are you most self conscious about? These 10 women confess what it is for them, and also what they are most confident about. Balance.

“#1 most self conscious about my stomach middle age has caused middle expansion.

#2 Most confident about my face: cause I like my hair and my big brown eyes!”

Ranae Aspen – Writer

“#1 exactly what Renae said. Menopause can do a number to a girl’s midsection. Most confident? My mind! Wwell sometimes. Body part, hmm. . . I’d say my arms.”

Connie Hester Wyatt

“1. At the moment, to be honest, everything about my appearance disgusts me. I have severe chronic urticaria that covers all visible areas of my body, including my face most of the time. It stings and burns almost all the time too. As well as looking like severe third degree burns to anyone who doesn’t know what it is. Because I am a hashimotos thyroiditis and Adrenal failure sufferer my weight is ballooning at an alarming rate and I just now had to purchase the largest pair of pants I’ve ever had to because nothing in my wardrobe fits.

I currently have no number 2. It used to be my eyes, but I have angioedema of the eyelids most days at the moment and the hives have destroyed the skin on my eyelids to the point that they still look awful on days the swelling goes down.

I am working with a brilliant doctor on the Gold coast and there is hopefully an end in the near future. But right now with the scales rapidly moving upwards and waking each day in pain and not liking what I see in the mirror, well, let’s just say this was a hard question to answer.”

Tilly – Oh Tilly Styled Stock Photography

“#1 is whatever part of my body I am saying negative things about. There is no discrimination amongst body parts, as anyone may become a victim to a fault-finding eye.

On the flipside, #2 is whichever part of my body that I choose to be thankful for. This is the one that I embrace for it’s good service to me. It is the part, or the sum of parts, that I celebrate as beautiful simply because they were crafted by God.”

Brandice Lardner – Grace Filled Plate

“#1 That cellulite on my legs that keeps coming back whenever I try enjoying some sugar.
#2 On the other hand I love my waistline, my back and my legs (my husband often says that sometimes thinks that I am from Brasil).”

Isabel William – Writer

“I am most self conscious of my body shape. Being pregnant a second time has changed it a lot and it is incredibly unfamiliar to me. The unknown of what it is going to be like after I have my little baby girl makes me nervous too. 

I do, however, have confidence in a lot of other areas of my body. I love my eyes, they are two different colours, mostly green with a little brown circle around my iris (it’s called heterochromia – I’m literally a mutant!! Love it!). I have learned to love my freckles. I never liked them before and have paid thousands of dollars in creams and laser removal. But my husband says they are like chocolate sprinkles so I’m learning to love them more. And I love my arms – they are always toned, even though I don’t do many weights. They are also strong. So are my legs. Which I love too.”

Krystal Kleidon – Project Hot Mess

Loving yourself is an incredibly powerful thing to do. The way we speak to ourselves can impact so heavily on how we feel about ourselves. Be sure to choose your words wisely. Speak positively of yourself and you’ll start to feel better about yourself. Tell yourself how amazing you are. Stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself all the thing you love about yourself. 

Do it every day and I promise you, you’ll start to notice a difference. 

You are the most amazing you there is. Love yourself. 

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