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I Love Money And I’m Not Ashamed To Admit It

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They say love makes the world go round but I don’t ever remember seeing the stock markets trading in love. I love money, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Money allows me to live a life I love, it allows me to feed my family, live in a beautiful home, go on holidays, sit here and write this article and it allows me to show my appreciation for others as well.

You may be sitting there thinking ‘oh well that’s good for you, you must have a lot of money, but I’m broke’. I assure you that’s not how it works.

I’m no millionaire (yet, I hope to be one day), and I don’t have a big inheritance that I’m burning through. My job isn’t exactly high paying (especially when you consider what it entails) and I haven’t been handed anything on a silver platter.

I simply have an understanding of money and know where it fits in my life.  

We are taught that money is a bad thing, we shouldn’t talk about it and we definitely shouldn’t talk about how much we have. Which cements in our mind that money = bad.

So whether we do this subconsciously or not, we start to repel money. Why would you want to keep something bad in your life? You’re not going to ‘attract’ bad things, you’re not going to want to keep a big stockpile of something bad.

So we spend it, give it away and avoid earning more of it – to ultimately reduce the bad.

And then, because we are in debt and never have enough money, this just drives that message home even more – money = bad.

It’s a cycle many people stay on their whole lives because it’s such a hard one to break. In order to get out of the money = bad cycle, you have to admit that money itself isn’t the problem. And that can be a scary thing to do.

Here’s how you can start getting serious about money and showing your love and appreciation for it.

1 – Know Where Your Money Is Coming From and Going To

I have to admit, for a long time I had no idea about my money flow. Sure, I knew I was getting paid but as for exactly how much, or where that money was then going, I had no idea.

Do you know exactly how much money showed up in your bank account over the last month? Do you know what you spent that money on?

Keeping track of your money shows that you care about and respect your money.

You don’t have to set up anything too fancy, and most banks can integrate with money tracking apps that will allow you to see where your money is going. When you understand where your money is being spent, you start to get a better understanding of your spending habits and where you give the most money attention to.

Are you confident enough to say 'I love money' or are you still stuck in the mindset that money = bad. Here's how to break the money mindset cycle and start falling in love with money for all the right reasons.

2 – Stop Working For Free

This is a big one for women in business. Because we think money is bad, we also think it’s bad for us to ask for money, even when we have earned it. So we end up working for free, not invoicing people and responding with ‘sure I can do that for you’ and then wondering why our business isn’t profitable.

It’s not an easy thing to do, and not something you can just ‘switch off’. It takes practice. Start off small by charging for the next time someone asks for something for you. You can responding with ‘sure, I can do that for you, I charge $xx per hour’. Then maybe you need to review your hourly rate or the prices of your services. Start charging what you are worth.

It’s not a bad thing to be paid for your work.

It applies in the opposite way too – stop expecting people to work for free for you. It was only a few days ago that I saw someone post in a Facebook group that they were looking for someone to take professional photos of their 10+ staff members, over a number of different days, in different locations and offered ‘exposure’ as payment. This is a service that would cost the photographer in time for the shoot, the editing and for their expertise, and they weren’t even being offered payment.

Don’t be this person. It’s okay to pay for services and products you want.

3 – Educate Yourself

When you start to learn more about money and it’s place in your life, you start to realise how much you’ve been resisting it and how much more difficult you’ve been making your money situation. This isn’t all ‘woo woo’ and up in the air kind of stuff. It’s serious. Think about how a business manages it’s money.

If you’re ignoring money, how on earth do you expect to have it flow abundantly in your life?

Start to learn more about it. Educate yourself. Go to a financial planner and get a good grip on where you are financially. Set yourself financial goals and create a plan to achieve them. Read books, listen to podcasts and read articles online (like this one). Consume information that’s going to teach you something and move you forward.

4 – Pay Attention To The Words You Use

The words we use are powerful, they reiterate to us how we feel. There’s a big difference between saying ‘I love money’ and saying ‘I’m so broke’. This can be the biggest change you can make as often we fall into the habit of saying we are ‘broke’ to fit in with those around us. We don’t want to be seen as having enough money because money = bad, and if we have enough of it then we must be bad too.

Start off my saying to yourself ‘I can afford this’ anytime you purchase something, even if it’s your daily cup of coffee. I also will find myself saying ‘there’s plenty more where that came from’ when I pay for my groceries or pay for higher ticket items – reminding myself that there is more money coming to me.

While it might be a bit of a stretch to go straight to saying ‘I love money’ (although you should definitely practice saying it) spend some time being mindful about the words you use. Pay attention – how do you speak about money? How do you treat your money? Do you love it too?


Thursday 22nd of March 2018

Hi Krystal! I absolutely loved this post. I’ve been working on my money mindset and it feels great to find someone with similiar thoughts about money. I stopped saying I was broke a while ago now, and it has made so much of a difference. I’m more conscious about my money and where it’s going too. I wish you much success in your journey into millionaire status!!!

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