5 Apps That Keep My Life Semi Organised

There's an app for just about everything, but are you using apps to their full potential? Here are my favourite apps that keep my life semi organised. I'd seriously be lost without them!

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Keeping your shit together is tough… some days everything seems to fall into place and you float through your day like you’re a darn genius winning at life. And then there’s the other days where you wonder how on earth anyone ever let you be responsible for keeping yourself alive.

Thankfully, there’s now an app for that. Well, not quite. But there are a few apps that help me keep my life (semi) organised and can help you too!

1 – Google Calendar

If there was one single app I could never, ever live without, this would be it. How do people remember what is happening without it? I’m sure you could use any kind of calendar system but the reason I specifically suggest the Google Calendar is because my husband and I can sync our calendars together (like Power Rangers) and it means we are always in check with what has to happen.

If it’s not in the calendar it doesn’t get done. Literally. We put everything in there from appointments to work schedules, from coffee dates (with each other and with other people) and even schedule in alone time. Genius!

2 – Evernote / Google Keep

Both of these apps work in similar ways so they are being grouped together. Personally, I use Evernote but that’s just because it is what I started with and understand how to use. You know all of those times when you think of something and you say to yourself ‘oh, I’ll remember that later’ but you never do? Well, Evernote fixes that.

Anytime I have a thought, see a website, or see anything that I need to remember, I put it in Evernote. Snap a pic, take a screenshot or write a note and it goes in. I don’t even use the app to it’s full potential and it still saves me a shit tonne of brain power.

I also love that I can have Evernote on my phone and on my computer and they sync together, so if I need to make a note and check it later when I’m on my computer I can bring it up easily. Oh so much love.

There's an app for just about everything, but are you using apps to their full potential? Here are my favourite apps that keep my life semi organised. I'd seriously be lost without them!

3 – LastPass

I don’t know about you but I kinda suck at remembering passwords. Like really bad. Most of mine are obscure variations of similar things with a bunch of random numbers and symbols following. I’m so good at creating passwords I don’t even remember them. Which is why I love LastPass.

There are a few different password protection apps available, but I use LastPass because it allows me to give certain people access to my accounts on various platforms without having to give them my login details. This is particularly handy in my business when I need an assistant to login to a social media account for me or if I need to give my husband access to my emails or anything else.

4 – Lucky Bitch Money Tracker or QuickBooks

Keeping track of your money is so important, something I wish I had realised earlier. These are two great trackers with very different objectives, and are both great in different ways. The first one, the Lucky Bitch Money Tracker is designed with gratitude in mind. You can easily and quickly add in the money you receive (even if it’s just finding a dollar in the street) and track how you are travelling towards your income goals for the month.

The other is the QuickBooks app that allows me to keep track of money spent and earned. It is designed for business but if you’re super strict and want to keep a good handle on your income and expenses it could work really well for you too on a personal level.

5 – Stocard

You know all of those loyalty and rewards cards you’re given but either forget you have or never put into your wallet? This is your app for them! I have all my cards stored in here so all I have to do is show the card on the app when I’m shopping and I’m done – no need to bulk up my wallet anymore! It even allows the barcodes to be scanned straight from your phone too!

Now if I could just find an app that would make and deliver my coffee for me then I’d be the happiest woman in the world.

Do you have any apps that keep your life organised?


    • I’ve used Trello and Asana before and I know some people swear by them but I still can’t quite get the hang of them 😛 I still use Google Spreadsheets. Haha. Whatever you use, as long as it works for you right? 🙂


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