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9 Of The Best TED Talks About Mental Health

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TED Talks are great – they’re inspirational, moving, and memorable. You can find TED Talks on almost any subject, including mental health.

Hearing a person talk about their own mental health struggles can leave more of an impact than simply reading about them in a blog post. These speakers leave their audiences feeling more hopeful and determined than ever before! 

These links include the official videos for the presentations, along with transcripts in at least 6 languages for those who prefer text over audio.  

We all love a good TED Talk to get us thinking and these TED Talks about mental health certainly do just that. Take some time to watch and learn about mental health, the stigmas, and what role mental health plays in your life.

How to Cope with Anxiety: Presented by Olivia Remes

This TEDxUHasselt speaker offers some great advice on overcoming anxiety. Olivia Remes describes all-too familiar feelings: feeling the need to avoid stressful scenarios and bringing self-doubt everywhere you go.

She also talks about anxiety as a disorder versus normal anxiety, an important distinction that can lead people to get the help they need. 

Why We Get Mad – And Why It’s Healthy: Presented by Ryan Martin

Looking for a more relaxed talk? This TEDxFonduuLac talk by anger researcher Ryan Martin will make you laugh and think at the same time. In this video, he talks about anger as more than an isolated emotion.

There are many reasons why people might get angry, and many of them are justified. Let Ryan Martin help you feel better about your anger! 

How to Start a Conversation About Suicide: Presented by Jeremy Forbes

This TED Talk is far more serious than the first one. It deals with suicide prevention and conversations that can save a life.  Jeremy Forbes started a movement after the suicide of one of his co-workers, and he offers suggestions for making an impact in your own community.

He also discusses work environments like his that may contribute to suicide if they aren’t reformed. 

The Best Way to Help is Often Just to Listen: Presented by Sophie Andrews

The message of this TED Talk is simple. Oftentimes, people don’t know what to say when confronted with a loved one who’s facing a mental illness. This presentation reminds allies that we don’t need to know what to say. Rather, we simply need to let people talk.

Sometimes, talking it out is all it takes for a person to feel better. Other times, listening allows helpers to see the root of the problem. Listening instead of giving advice goes a long way.

This is What It’s Really Like to Live with ADHD: Presented by Jessica McCabe

This TEDxBratislava talk is an ADHD success story. Jessica McCabe talks about different variations of ADHD, and its causes. Spoiler alert: it’s not bad parenting! This presenter also talks about certain advantages that people with ADHD have over neurotypical people.

Her main takeaway? You didn’t fail at life. You’re simply different, and that’s okay. 

There’s No Shame in Taking Care of Your Mental Health: Presented by Sangu Delle

Mental illness comes with plenty of stigmas, as this presenter reminds us. Sometimes, we’re too ashamed to get the help we want and need. Sometimes, our upbringings play a role in our willingness to take action. This was the case for Sangu Delle, who was raised in Ghana, where “African men neither process nor express our emotions.”

Now, he’s here to tell people from all backgrounds that it’s okay to take care of your mental health, no matter what your society has told you. 

A Doctor’s Case for Medical Marijuana: Presented by David Casarett

Chronic pain and mental health patients know that medical marijuana has its benefits, but many doctors won’t hear any of it. This doctor discovered how beneficial medical marijuana can be for patients with pain, nausea, and anxiety by talking to a palliative care patient.

He makes a case for more research into this treatment option, since patients are ditching traditional care for alternative medicine. He wants medical marijuana users to know that they’re onto something! 

Why You Should Quit Social Media: Presented by Dr. Cal Newport

Maybe you don’t need to deactivate all of your social media accounts, but you should definitely pull back. This TEDxTysons presenter talks about the harms of social media, and how he’s done perfectly fine without a single account. He still has friends and collaborates with people all over the world – all without a Facebook account! 

Why I Train Grandmothers to Treat Depression: Presented by Dixon Chibanda

Sometimes, the elderly can offer the best wisdom and advice. Grandparent figures may also be easier to talk to than psychologists. In the presenter’s country, there are only 12 psychiatrists – including himself – in his country of 14 million people.

In communities with few mental health resources and not enough funds to seek available treatment, the people within those communities may be the best source of help. 

If you have 15-20 minutes to spare today, listen to one of these inspiring talks about mental health. They just might provide the insight you need to make a positive change in your life or your community! 

We all love a good TED Talk to get us thinking and these TED Talks about mental health certainly do just that. Take some time to watch and learn about mental health, the stigmas, and what role mental health plays in your life.
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