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7 Things You Need To Know About Introverts

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The concept of introvert versus extrovert is an interesting subject. As far as definitions go, an introvert is ‘a shy, reticent person’. On the other hand, an extrovert is ‘an outgoing, overly expressive person’. But definitions only go so far and don’t actually explain the reality of an introvert or extrovert. I can only speak for myself as an introvert, so here are 7 things you need to know about introverts and their beautiful minds.

1 – Introverts Prefer Small Group Interaction

Smaller group interaction is better than being in large groups. Big groups tend to eventually drain creative energy. Energy can come internally as well as externally.

When it is generated internally, it can be better managed and targeted to improve situations and not impede them. Small groups are where you will find synergy. This is where “two heads are better than one to solve old problems. Synergy happens when the whole is greater than the sum of parts.” – Steven Covy.

Within small groups, you gain new insight. The closeness of small groups make people feel confident and this encourages deep thoughts and solutions to problems.

2 – Introverts Welcome Alone Time

Alone time allows for more mindfulness. You do not need company of others to find fulfillment. Coffee with a soulmate or dear friend is rewarding and a welcome change to energy draining high intense events.

Some of my best ideas come from silent alone moments. Grounding yourself.  Knowing the internal workings of your psyche in the long run will promote success. Also, alone time increases productivity.

3 – Introverts Have Strong Opinions

It is good to be opinionated. You have a right to your opinion. Surrounding yourself with people who are open to you sharing your opinions even if they do not agree with you, increases your self-esteem. 

Finding small safe zones to share ideas is very satisfying. Also, sometimes lasting change happens when bold ideas are generated in intimate settings. Bold opinions are more likely to be shared with a small group.

4 – Introverts Think First and Then Act 

Think first and think some more. Re-analyze and then act. This type of movement avoids making costly mistakes. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Nothing is ever so pressing that you have to take immediate action.

This lesson was learned when I went through a divorce. I was reminded again and again when I found myself dealing with a verbally abusive parent as well. We seem to forget that it is ok to take a deep breath, wait until you are comfortable with the action you decide to take and then move forward.

I have always done this but in times of stress and abuse, I struggled because I thought I should have the ability to act on things right away. There is always time to make decisions. 

Introverts are often misunderstood, read as being shy or rude when this may not be the case at all. Here are 7 things you need to know about introverts.

5 – Introverts Enjoy Quiet 

Being quiet is not a bad thing. Being comfortable with who you are and not feeling like you need to fill every minute with conversation gives you a refreshing sense of self-confidence. You need to work on loving yourself and being your own best friend. When you do this, you do not worry about being with someone 24/7.

I long for days that it is just me and a book. Quiet allows you to soak in nature, remind yourself of who you are and maybe even conjure up plans for your future.

6 – Introverts Soak In Their Surroundings

Taking in nature and solitude energizes your whole being. Slowing down your senses to take in every detail is pure bliss. In turn, it allows for creativity to emerge. Taking time to listen to the leaves under your feet, take in the smells around you and being right where you are all add up to a sense of fulfillment and peace.

There have been entire books written about the negative effects of noise on your emotional well being. This is not just a fact for introverts but for every one. We need to have moments, and even hours where we slow down our movements and we concentrate on where we are.

7 – Introverts Prefer Small Inner Circles

A small inner circle is helpful. Large amounts of people and interaction can lead to drama, which can be incredibly draining. It also defines not just you, but your family. Overall it does not lead to productivity nor does it promote peaceful existence. Introverts do best with small inner circles who are vested in each other’s success.

In a nutshell, the word ‘introvert’ does not mean we are all living in huts in the middle of nowhere.

It is not that we do not like people. We do, just in small increments.

Although we may not be the cheerleader mom who organizes the banquets, we are the doers, the planners and the thinkers. We are old souls in young shoes seeking answers to solve all of the world’s problems.

Regardless of being an introvert or extrovert, are all unique individuals. No matter how many times I take a personality test, I am definitely on the introverted spectrum. I am ok with that. It answers a lot of questions as to the way I interact in my environment.

If you have not taken a personality test before, take time to try it out. When you find out the results, take those things that are relevant and toss out the rest. Look at your traits in relation to how you interact with your family, friends and co-workers. It will assist you in understanding why things happen the way they do. Embrace your inner workings!

I promise, it will make you love your self and in turn, love life in a more meaningful way.

Take time to process the findings. They are usually pretty accurate. Use the results to understand what makes you tick. Introverts sometimes get a bad wrap. We are stereotyped as being shy and easily intimidated. That is just not true. Our energy is internal versus external. We do a lot of analytical thinking. 

Embrace being an introvert. Take time to just be. Relish quiet time. Take a walk through nature. Know who you are and realize the things that make you the most productive. Look inward for gratification and never let others make you feel inferior. We are all unique and we all hold special gifts. Embrace your inner self and in the end, you will be happier for it.

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