7 More TV Series To Binge Watch On Netflix

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Over the last year or so, Netflix and I have become pretty close buddies. We’ve spent a lot of time together. Between being ridiculously ill with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, through late pregnancy exhaustion and now with a newborn and all the night feeds and ‘can’t move from the lounge because the baby wakes every time I put her down’ kind of days, I’ve managed to work out which TV series to binge watch that you won’t regret (because they’re amazing!!).

Which is why I originally created a list of 9 Bingeworthy Netflix TV Shows to watch… but since then, I’ve discovered even more.

Add these to your list on Netflix:


I was a little skeptical at first but was hooked after the first episode. It’s a great show that’s not too heavy but isn’t just a comical background kind of show either. It kind of reminds me of the 90’s movie Dogma (you know with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon) with its approach to personalising biblical characters.

Think Californication crossed with a crime show with a light skimming of Supernatural mixed in.

Gossip Girl

Classic. And there’s all 6 seasons on Netflix for a serious binge session. Nothing like a bit of upper class high school drama to entertain you. Plus, the shoes… 

The best thing about Gossip Girl is that it’s the perfect balance between addictive and light watching. There’s still a few strong story lines in there but it doesn’t require copious amounts of brain power to watch. Love it. 


Quick and easy binge session with GirlBoss, which follows the story of Sophia Amoruso in her creation and growth of her business Nasty Gal. It’s an interesting series that is lighthearted but annoying at times. But still worth the watch.


Ragnar Lothbrok. Need I say more? Besides the fact that perving on Ragnar is absolutely amazing (he is Australian by the way… just saying), I love that Vikings has such strong, kickass female characters too. Very addictive show – kind of like a more interesting and realistic version of Game of Thrones (yeah, I said it…).

Beware though – I found this series seriously addictive. To the point of having an all-nighter and continuing to watch all day the next day too. Because sleep is overrated right?

Here's a whole list of TV series to binge watch on Netflix. No need to wait for new episodes to be released! Put your comfy pants on and get your binge on!! 


Who doesn’t love a good Colombian drug lord storyline? Had to include a good crime drama in the list and Narcos is pretty darn awesome. Plus there’s a few hotties in here to keep you entertained too.


Okay, so this one is getting a little bit old now but considering I’m a massive X-Men fan, this show is right up my alley (and has a lot going for it too).

It’s always fun to consider that perhaps one day we will wake up and all of a sudden have these superpowers that we didn’t have before and that’s pretty much what happens here. Add in an evil corporation, a love story or two and a few plot twists here and there and you have yourself a winner.

I wasn’t so fussed on the last season though, it kind of felt like it was forced.  


As a die-hard Marvel fan I was so excited when Defenders was released. It’s the awesome come together of Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Daredevil – all separate TV series you can binge on too! Be sure to watch past the first episode (it didn’t really grab my attention but was worth pushing through).

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