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9 Bingeworthy Netflix TV Shows To Add To Your Playlist

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Everyone loves a good Netflix binge, and while gorging yourself on movies is a nice idea, there’s something special about the bingeworthy Netflix TV shows that get you hooked and keep you coming back for more.

When it comes to procrastinating and binge watching TV shows I consider myself somewhat of an expert. I can and will devour an entire series in a day without breaking a sweat. So it’s time I passed on the inside knowledge and shared with you the most bingeworthy Netflix TV shows available. These shows are all available in Australia too because apparently, America has some kind of magical Netflix that is much bigger and more diverse than ours here in Australia (little jealous).

1 – Shooter

Ryan Phillippe anyone?? Uh, yes please. Based on the movie with Mark Wahlberg and the Novel ‘Point of Impact’ by Stephen Hunter, Shooter follows Bob-Lee Swagger, an ex-military marksman who is framed for murder and attempting to assassinate the president.

Now, I love an action series as much as the next person but this one is all kinds of wow. I literally watched the entire first season in an afternoon/evening (started at lunch, stopped only to go out and get pizza for dinner). It’s mega addictive.

2 – Stranger Things

My husband convinced me to watch this. It had been coming up in our suggested feed for a while and I kept ignoring it because I didn’t think it would be that good. Turns out Netflix knows me better than I know myself. It is awesome!

Super frustrating because there is only one season, but season 2 is being released soon! Yay! But if you’re into a little sci-fi then this is a great show – plus the throwback to the 80’s is awesome!

3 – Suits

Could there ever be a list of Netflix TV shows without including suits? This isn’t your average law/drama show. It’s highly addictive and be prepared to settle in for a good, long stint because you’ll be hooked. You’ll either love or hate Harvey, and everyone loves Mike. Because he is Mike. And you’ll realise how much you need a Donna in your life. It’s amazing really.

Based on a high profile corporate law firm in New York and the guy who gets a job as a lawyer without any qualifications, it’s quite an interesting ‘will he / won’t he get caught’ situation. Plus, Harvey is awesome. #justsayin

4 – Riverdale

I’m a comic fan, there’s no denying it. And while my comic allegiance tends to lie more with Marvel than anything else, I still have an appreciation for any show/movie based on comics. Which is where Riverdale comes in. Based on the Archie comics, Riverdale brings to life your favourite Archie, Betty and Veronica characters struggling with the issues that come with being a teen. Oh, and a local murder case… of course.

Keep an eye out for some old school hotties in this series including Luke Perry and Skeet Ulrich. Swoon!

5 – Frontier

Speaking of hotties… two words – Jason Momoa. Small confession… this isn’t the greatest Netflix TV show… by a long shot. But… I’m a bit obsessed with Jason Momoa so I persevered and while it does have its slow points, it’s also interesting too. It’s probably the one on the list where you could watch while still pinning to Pinterest or scrolling Instagram. It’s good for a perve fest though.

6 – Z Nation

Where are my fellow zombie lovers at? Z Nation is like The Walking Dead meets Zombieland, with a twist. Hilarious and witty, Z Nation is one of those shows you kind of wish you weren’t so addicted to, but just can’t help it. Favourite character by far is 10K, but The Murphy does pretty well too – when he isn’t being so annoying.

It’s a much more light hearted take on the zombie apocalypse but still, has the drama and storyline that keeps you coming back for more.

Everyone loves a good binge session, and while movies are awesome, there's nothing quite like the bingeworthy Netflix TV shows to really gorge yourself on. Here's a list of ones you need to add to your playlist. TV Shows | Netflix | Relax | Self Care | Movie Night | Date Night | Day at home | TV playlist

7 – Archer

If you’re not so good with the sassy attitudes, dirty jokes and outright shock factor then go ahead and skip this one. But if you’re keen, then Archer is freaking hilarious!

My husband and I were discussing the gender roles in the show and how it’s quite interesting because the female’s in the show are actually the strong lead characters, despite the show being about the main character, Archer. Once you watch it and realise it’s like a light bulb moment.

Essentially, the cartoon show is based around a group of secret agents working for a secret branch of the government. It is jam packed full of hilarious back stories and one liners that will have you in stitches! So funny.

8 – Homeland

Alright, so this may have come out a few years ago but I’m a little late to the party. I freaking LOVED season one of this show, and season two was pretty darn addictive too. I’m yet to catch up on the rest, but it’s on the list! Despite how scary Claire Danes looks when she cries, this show will keep you hooked! Based on the CIA and a secret terrorist plot to infiltrate the CIA with released prisoner of war, Nicholas Brody.

9 – Troll Hunters

Okay, bear with me. This one isn’t just for the kids. Sure, I started watching it with my 4 year old son, but quickly realised I was the only one watching it. Whoops. It’s a fantastic series that is both entertaining and exciting, even for adults. Sadly there’s only one season of this too but it’s a really great story and not your average ‘cartoon’ series.

What are your favourite Netflix TV shows to binge watch?

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