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11 Side Hustles To Earn You Extra Money

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It seems like side hustles are becoming the new ‘in thing’ and every second person you speak to has their own theory on what you can do to earn extra money.

For many, a side hustle gives a creative outlet, somewhere to fulfil the needs that aren’t being met by their 9 – 5.

For others, it’s about earning more money and creating the security of a ‘fall back’ career.

You don’t have to start your own business to have a side hustle, many of them include freelance work, small jobs here and there to earn you extra money.

Whatever your reasoning for wanting a side hustle, here are some you can try:

1 – Work on Small Jobs on AirTasker

AirTasker is a great site that allows people to post odd jobs and small tasks they may need completed.

You can then search the site for jobs in your local area and complete those you’d like to do.

There is a myriad of tasks listed from moving furniture and assembling flat packs to cleaning gutters, typing up study notes, and polishing cars.

Payments can range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars per task.

2 – Become a Transcriptionist

Can you type like a ninja and don’t mind working on a computer?

Transcription work may be right up your alley.

Sites like Transcribe Me pay from $20USD per audio hour, which can add up to a nice little side gig.

An added bonus is that you will improve your skills the more work you do and you have the opportunity to earn even more per hour!

3 – Pick-Up Freelance Writing Jobs

Love to write and have a knack for being able to structure your thoughts in a logical and easy-to-understand way?

These are skills freelance writers need to have and this side hustle could be perfect for you.

Check out the Problogger Job Board to start finding freelance writing jobs and sites like this one can help you hone your freelance writing skills.

4 – Start Your Own Blog

I don’t want to misguide you here, blogging isn’t an easy or fast way to earn extra cash, but if you have passion and drive, blogging can be perfect for you.

There are tons of different ways your blog can drive income from advertising and affiliate income to creating and selling your own courses.

Be sure to pick a topic you’re passionate about and could write thousands of posts on otherwise you run the risk of getting bored and running out of content to write.

5 – Start a Small Service Based Business

Do you have skills that could be used to earn an extra income?

Serviced-based businesses are a popular side hustle as you can use skills you already have.

High in demand include services like graphic design and web design but don’t think you need to be all online to make a service-based business work.

Other services you could provide include cleaning, pet grooming or dog walking, babysitting, tutoring, car services or odd jobs around the house.

6 – Become an Amazon FBA Seller

Want to run a business but don’t have time to deal with inventory, fulfilling orders and shipping?

Have you heard of Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) allows you to use Amazon’s infrastructure, their website, their storage and their shipping methods to promote and sell your own products.

Sounds pretty sweet right?

It can also be incredibly lucrative.

Check out this business that made over $53k in profit in one year selling t-shirts on Amazon.

7 – Fill Out Online Surveys

Seems too good to be true but tons of people swear by completing online surveys to earn extra money online.

The key I’ve found is that you need to be authentic in your responses, don’t just answer a survey about buying a new washing machine if you’ve never purchased one and have no intention of purchasing a washing machine.

Also, keep in mind that it takes time to build up the money – some surveys can take as long as 20 minutes and pay a dollar.

But I’ve heard that if you push through this stage you start getting higher earning surveys.

8 – Become a Virtual Assistant

Working as a Virtual Assistant can give you the flexibility you need in your side hustle while also being quite lucrative as an income.

VA services range from managing emails, scheduling appointments, social media management, invoicing – you name it, a VA can do it.

You can also choose to specialise if you’d prefer, and doing so often attracts higher rates of pay.

Check out this post for how to set yourself up as a Virtual Assistant.

9 – Become an Uber Driver

Have a decent car, a good sense of direction and don’t mind talking to people.

Driving for Uber could be the side hustle you’ve been looking for.

One of the big perks of driving for Uber as a side hustle is that you can easily work your hours around your regular 9 – 5 and it means that you’re not stuck behind a laptop, especially appealing if you work at a desk all day.

10 – Write Books and Self Publish

Everyone has a story in them, it just needs to be written.

Been waiting around for that amazing book deal to come your way before you take writing seriously?

No need to wait any longer.

Put your words on the page and let your creativity fly as you self publish your own books!

You can earn a seriously decent income and self publish as a business model, or you can do it as a hobby for some extra coin on the side.

Whatever works for you.

11 – Flex Your Creative Muscles on Etsy

There’s no need to travel around to the weekend markets to sell your handmade products when you could be selling them in your sleep on sites like Etsy.

You can set up your own shop, have the benefit of being part of a wider marketplace and have all of the payment systems taken care of for you!

Check out this post to learn how to make the most of your Etsy store.

Remember, you don’t need to just pick one of these side hustles to get yourself going.

Mix and match, create multiple income streams and maybe even retire yourself from your 9 – 5 to dive into the entrepreneurial world.

Have you been considering a side hustle to help you earn some extra money? Not quite sure what to do? These 11 side hustle ideas have you covered.
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