7 Things You Should Do After Getting Fired From Work

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Getting fired from work can be an unpleasant experience. Emotions such as shock, disbelief, intense anger and hopelessness take control.

For most employees, job loss is even deliberating and shocking. Others ruin their professionalism and health. Cessation of job leads to financial crisis, which could cause family separation and harm to personal self confidence

Safe to say, job termination is a life-altering experience. The consequences are blaming others and spreading wrong information about the former employer. However, it is good to work on your emotions and stop letting them control your thinking.

It is time to stand and act to get the next job. You may discover a more specialized employment that you can handle best. Maybe you can even find new talents and improve your professionalism.

You can carry on and keep your head up. Here are some of the best steps you can take after getting fired from work.

1 – If It’s Not Too Late, Try Asking Your Company For One Last Shot

One of the major problems with people is that they apply for jobs they do not understand. If you get a role that you are not good at, the chances of losing the job are high. If things look ominous, but you are still on the job, try to talk with the boss. Explain what your job description is and request for a shift.

Bosses can have a different idea of what your skills are, and clarifying can ease the tension. Sometimes this clarification could save your job and the relationship. Honesty can help avoid unnecessary fears that may cost you a job.

2 – File For Unemployment Benefits

Most people usually think that only those who have been made redundant are eligible for unemployment benefits. If you were fired from your job, you could benefit from them too. This, however, depends on the reasons as to why you lost your job. If fired for gross misconduct, the benefits may not be able to be claimed.

3 – Don’t Sign a Separation Settlement On The Spot

Many firms offer fired employees severance benefits in order to rush them into signing a general release. Many employees fall into the trap and sign the release letter because they too just want the unpleasant experience to be over.

This could exempt the company from any judicial claims originating from your engaging. Don’t sign the release letter on the spot if the company offers those perks. Read the agreement terms carefully and consider consulting with a lawyer. The lawyer could advise you to negotiate for a higher package. 

4 – Take Some Time To Plan Your Next Move

Career experts recommend that taking some time to make terms with what has happened is the best choice. Get your emotions in check and build up your self confidence again.

Remind yourself that many other better employees lose jobs. Even the very successful professionals sometimes find themselves out of work. It isn’t a reflection on you specifically, more of your match to that role and organization.    

Before getting straight into applying for a new job, take some time to decompress and come down from the experience. Immediate action may not be the best option considering the bitterness of losing the previous post, so taking some time out might be the better option (if possible).

Plan your next move. Do you need to get back into a job straight away or do you have the ability to use this opportunity to travel or pursue a passion? 

Getting fired from work can be frustrating, scary and can leave you feeling unsure of what to do next. Use these tips to help you get back in the game. #career #careerwoman #gettingfired

5 – Understand The Reason For Losing Your Job

Understanding what went wrong in your last job is most important for your next employment. Studies show people lose their jobs because they were not fit for them. Understand where your talent and passion is. Experts say getting a job is not all about rewards but also it is something you should enjoy doing.

Just take stock unemotionally and quantitatively of what company goals were. After, consider internalizing how you came short in trying to archive them. Being in the right job lets you improve on both skills and leadership.

Own the failure by understanding what you did wrong. Lastly, do not blame others for your mistakes. People like compliments but few accept the failures they make. It’s okay not to be amazing at everything. 

6 – Don’t Look For Any Job; Search For The Right One

You should first pinpoint specific situations and companies that are fit for you. Where would you love to work and why? What sort of job or role would you love to have? Social network pages like LinkedIn helps you to find people employed in positions of power. Try networking with those in the companies you dream of working for.

Rather than sending a volume of copy and paste resume’s to any job application find one position at a time and commit to the application process. Do your homework well and seek professional help when applying. A well written cover letter and well presented resume can be the difference between getting an interview or being left on a pile of applications. 

Have coffee with the boss and let them clarify what is expected of you. Understand clearly, what your role is and the company expectations. Sometimes working in companies that have vision and mission you believe in helps boost motivation and job satisfaction. 

7 – Get Moving And The Rest Shall Follow

Application of the above steps helps manage stress and gets you on the road to your next job. Remember keeping your professional life on track can be important, especially if you have a job you love.

Avoid the temptation to do nothing. Even if you do want to have time off from work, have a plan and be sure to know your financial abilities

Getting fired from your job, unfortunately, can happen to anyone. It happens even when it is not indeed your fault. It’s not always due to a personal conflict between employee and employer, or job performance. It could simply be a company move. 

Regardless of the reason, it’s your choice as to how you handle the situation. You can be resentful and bitter, or you can see this as an opportunity and make the most of it as you move forward. 

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