10 Simple and Creative Gift Ideas For Wine Lovers

Buying gifts doesn't have to be hard with this gift guide full of fantastic gift ideas for wine lovers. Maybe you'll find something for yourself too!

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Buying gifts for our fellow wine-o’s doesn’t have to be difficult with these simple and creative gift ideas for wine lovers. Because who doesn’t love a good gift guide, especially for those who appreciate a good vino? 

We all know at least one person who loves wine a little bit more than they’d care to admit. Or maybe they’re the kind of person who shouts their love for ‘adult grape juice’ loud and proud. Either way, any of these gifts will be perfect for them. 

And, don’t think you have to only buy these gifts for someone else!! You deserve to treat yourself too. 

Personally, I think #2 is an absolute must have for any wine lover!  

(This post contains affiliate links)

Buying gifts doesn't have to be hard with this gift guide full of fantastic gift ideas for wine lovers. Maybe you'll find something for yourself too!

1 – ‘This Is Probably Champagne’ Tumbler

Find It Here – Coffee Tumbler

Because when you love wine, you most likely love coffee too, so why not cover both bases with this coffee tumbler? Plus, there’s always the option of filling it with champagne instead right? 

2 – Hide Your Wine In Your Handbag

Find It Here – Wine Handbag

The handbag that holds and pours your wine!! For real. It has a wine bladder in it that allows you to fill it with wine, and then a tap to pour the wine from! This is some serious dedication. Plus the handbag is pretty cute too! 

3 – Wine Bottle Converter

Find It Here – Wine Bottle Converter

It’s just one glass… I swear! Sometimes it’s just way too much effort to pour glass after glass of wine, so why not just add this to the top of the wine bottle? Winner! 

4 – Wine Lovers Tank Top

Find It Here – Wine Lovers Tank

I tried running but I kept spilling my wine – hilarious! Sometimes exercise just messes with your drinking commitments, which is a pretty good excuse not to run. Unless you’re running towards a bottle of wine. 

5 – Bring Me Some Wine Socks

Find It Here – Wine Lovers Socks

Super cute and perfect for the end of the day when you just want to relax and drink your wine. Plus, it might give your hubby or your housemate the hint…. 

6 – Wine Travellers Suitcase

Find It Here – Wine Travellers Suitcase

When you just can’t leave home without 12 bottles of wine. I understand that this is probably really appropriate for those who work in the wine industry, but why should they have all the fun? Perfect for the serious wine lover. 

7 – ‘The Wine Rack’

Find It Here – ‘The Wine Rack’

Hide your wine, in your rack! Keep your wine close to your heart and drink on the go by wearing this wine bra! As the night wears on, you won’t even care that it seems your boobs are getting smaller… 

8 – Wine Love Necklace

Find It Here – Wine Love Necklace

When you’re so proud to share your love for wine, you wear it as jewellery! 

9 – Wine Sippy Cup

Find It Here – Wine Sippy Cup

We all have that one friend that is a little messy with their wine (and if you don’t… then maybe it’s you…). But that’s okay – because with the wine sippy cup you don’t have to worry about getting wine stains all over the place! 

10 – Wine Bottle Holder

Find It Here – Wine Bottle Holder

“When wine goes in, wisdom comes out” Because it’s so good to mix wine with philosophy.