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7 Things You Don’t Need A Man To Do

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I love my husband, like gross, annoying kind of love him. And he is so incredible in so many ways. But, in the same breath, there are a whole heap of things I don’t need him to do. Or any other man for that matter. And you don’t need a man to do these things for you either!

Because lady, you are strong, independent and smart and it’s about time you started treating yourself that way.

If you don’t know how to do all of these things then this is your reminder to learn. If doing any of these things makes you feel a little uncomfortable, then this is your chance to push your boundaries and go for it!

1 – Change a Lightbulb, Kill a Spider and Check The Fuse Box

Basics I know, but still so important. Changing a lightbulb is one of the most simple tasks you could ever do for yourself.

Lights blow at the most random times and you don’t want to be stuck waiting around for someone else to change a bulb for you. Remember to turn the power off before changing the bulb and use a stable surface to stand on.

I hate spiders – they creep me out. I’m also lucky enough to live in Australia where pretty much all of the wildlife tries to kill you at some point.

If you really hate getting up close to squish them with a shoe, you could always buy a can of spider spray. Alternatively, if you spray them with enough hairspray they will still die (speaking from experience).

Do you know where the fuse box is in the house you live in? I’ve accidentally triggered the safety switch enough times to know exactly how to reset the power and turn it all back on.

2 – Buy a House

Sure, you might not be able to buy a huge house or stretch your budget quite as far on one wage but (depending on where you live) chances are you could afford something reasonable to call your own.

If you’re holding out for marriage or a serious relationship before buying a house, ask yourself why.

Go and see a financial planner and they can help you create a budget and price range that suits your income level. You may just surprise yourself.

3 – Make You Feel Good

It’s not a man’s responsibility, or anyone else’s responsibility to make you feel good. It is entirely on you! Get to know what makes you feel good about yourself, what makes you feel happy and what makes you feel confident – and then do more of that.

Stand in front of the mirror every day and pick out at least one thing you love about yourself. Tell yourself you are beautiful. Give yourself a compliment when you’re all dressed up and looking damn fine, don’t wait for someone else to do it.

Do more of the things that make you happy and find more intrinsic motivations for your own happiness.

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4 – Buy You Diamonds or Jewellery

Waiting for the perfect man to buy you the perfect diamond?

Pft… uh no. Diamonds are a woman’s best friend and you don’t need a man to find the perfect one for you.

I was the manager at a jewellery store for many years and saw a trend in women buying more beautiful jewellery for themselves and it was so empowering to see.

Want to treat yourself to lavish jewellery?

Always dreaming about a set of gorgeous diamond earrings or fantasising about the most amazing diamond ring?

Get it for yourself! You work hard, you earn the money, and you can spend it however you see fit!

5 – Go Out For a Fancy Dinner

You don’t need to wait for a date night to go out to the fancy restaurant you’ve been wanting to try, go there for yourself!

If rocking up solo to dinner at a restaurant puts you waaaay out of your comfort zone (feel free to stand proud when the usher says to you ‘Oh, a table for just one??) then invite a friend to come along with you!

Or even your mum! Dress up and make a night of it!

6 – Stay In The Honeymoon Suite at a Hotel

Have you noticed the honeymoon packages have some seriously awesome perks?

Bonus massage for two, champagne on arrival, chocolate-coated strawberries?

Uh yes, please. But don’t think you have to share them!

This goes for staying at any hotel or going on any holiday.

Want to travel and see an amazing place? Then go!

Travelling solo can be the most rewarding and challenging thing you’ll ever do but can also make you feel stronger and more independent.

7 – Give You an Orgasm

You can’t expect your man to do this for you if you don’t even know how to do it yourself!

Gone are the days when orgasms were taboo and women lived to serve men, take care of yourself!

Get to know your own body, what you like and don’t like.

Plus it will give you the confidence to ask for exactly what you want when you are in a relationship.

Even more importantly, orgasms are good for your health, help reduce stress, is good for your heart and can even boost your immune system!

Sometimes we default into relying on others to do things for us and don't trust in our own abilities. These are just some things you don't need a man to do.


Thursday 15th of June 2017

All I can say is hell yes! To every single thing on this list. I'm proof you can buy a house as a single woman, I take pride in the fact I can (generally) take care of my house by myself, or bribe the guys at work with beer to do things like installing a dishwasher. Plus I needed to read this post tonight, so thank you!

Krystal Kleidon

Thursday 15th of June 2017

That's a brilliant idea to get the guys at work to help with the things you can't (because really, there's just some things anyone needs help with, not just because we are female!). I'm so glad this post reached you at the right time! <3

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