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15 Income Reports That Will Make You Want To Work From Home

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Your friend tells you she works from home and you picture sleep ins, lazing in pyjamas all day and Netflix binge sessions. It’s okay, you’re not the only one. For many of us who work from home, this is how people see what we ‘do’. But the thing is, there are some major businesses spinning some impressive income that are all work from home businesses.

I’m not talking about the latest MLM company professing to make you rich in just a few hours each week. These income reports will make you want to work from home and inspire you to start thinking about ways you can create your own home based income.

One of the things you’ll notice on all of the reports is that they don’t rely on just one income stream. Many have multiple streams that make up their total income – a much safer option, so if one income stream falls over, you have others to rely on.

(If you have been considering starting your own blog, check out this super awesome article that walks you through how to do it AND gives you a free eCourse to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success.)

1 – Pinch of Yum

$100k+ per month

Pinch of Yum have been sharing their income reports for years now and have only just recently stopped. When I first started my online business I would devour their reports, amazed at the potential there was online.

While they do have a massive audience, they also teach a lot in their reports about what has and hasn’t worked for them. And you can alway see such a wide variety of income sources – something that seems to be critical in making a full time (and then some) income online.

2 – TwelveSkip

$15k+ per month

Paulene used to earn $30k – $50k per month (when she was 15 years old!!) when MySpace was all the rage and Google Adsense paid a lot of money. She has built her income back up, only to have it all die off again. And then has done it all over again!

While this income report is now a few years old, it’s really interesting to read her story and see how she diversified her income on her latest site to ensure if one income stream fell off, she would have others to keep carrying on.

Have you ever wanted to work from home but wonder how to make money? These income reports will show you some of the various ways and how much you can earn. Work From Home | WAHM | Business | Blogging | Blogging For Business | Income Reports | Monetize Your Blog | Earn Money | Side Hustle

3 – Making Sense of Cents


Michelle is kind of the guru of affiliate marketing, which is where you promote someone else’s product and if your audience purchases it, then you earn a commission. She even teaches a course on how to do it properly and ethically – because there are some people who would just promote anything for a quick buck, and that’s just wrong.

These income reports are huge, the numbers can be intimidating if you let them. Or they can be motivating. Especially if you track back and start looking at her older income reports and seeing how they grow. There’s definitely a lot to learn.

4 – The Busy Budgeter


I love this income report in particular because Rosemarie still managed to earn over $16k while taking the month off working on her site. That is what I love about passive income. Imagine being able to earn money while you sleep, or while you’re on holidays or simply without having to show up to the office each and every day. Brilliant!

5 – Aileen Barker


Aileen is a little different to the other income reports as she makes the majority of her income on eBay, which I love. You don’t have to be a blogger (or blog about blogging) in order to make money online. In her income report, Aileen includes any income she makes online.

6 – Arts & Budgets


This report shows Latasha in the early stages of diversifying her income, but still having more than one income stream to earn money! She also seems to be in a period of high growth so it’s interesting to watch another blogger and business owner develop.

7 – Coming Up Roses


Erica’s income report includes a decent amount of sponsored work, with almost half of her income being earned this way. This just shows even more variety to the mix of ways you can earn an income online. Essentially, sponsored work is where you work with a brand or company and collaborate together for what could be a blog post or series of posts, social media posts, live events – anyway the brand can work with you to market their products to your audience.

Have you ever wanted to work from home but wonder how to make money? These income reports will show you some of the various ways and how much you can earn. Work From Home | WAHM | Business | Blogging | Blogging For Business | Income Reports | Monetize Your Blog | Earn Money | Side Hustle

8 – Miranda Nahmias


Another variation on the income report, Miranda earns the majority of her income through client work, working as a Virtual Assistant. She has a team of Virtual Assistants that she uses and has created an entire business around helping other businesses grow. You don’t have to always offer the service yourself, if you can create a team like this and outsource, then you have far greater opportunities to scale your business than running yourself into the ground trying to always provide the service yourself.

9 – Chasing Foxes


Grace and Silas kind of came out of nowhere and all of a sudden they are everywhere. They dived face first into blogging for business and have made it their absolute mission to grow their site, grow their page views and grow their income in order to live a more nomadic life. Their story is quite interesting and they are really generous with sharing what they have learned and what has and hasn’t worked for them.

10 – The Practical Saver


Another income report where almost half the income is made up from sponsored posts. In saying that, the remainder of the income is made up of a wide variety of sources too which is good to see. Sponsored content can be up and down and is hard to predict or rely upon. Usually, around October to January it picks up quite well, however, drops of considerably around April – June so it’s always good to have a variety of income streams.

11 – Club Thrifty


I love, love, love that this income report highlights the ability to earn a huge amount of money through content creation and freelancing. We are proud here at Project Hot Mess to offer payment to our writers and as our site grows, so too will the amount we can pay the amazing people who contribute to our site. If writing is your passion you don’t have to rely on your own site to earn you an income. You can submit your work to various other sources and earn an income this way too!

Have you ever wanted to work from home but wonder how to make money? These income reports will show you some of the various ways and how much you can earn. Work From Home | WAHM | Business | Blogging | Blogging For Business | Income Reports | Monetize Your Blog | Earn Money | Side Hustle

12 – House of Brazen


I love Elise from House of Brazen. Oh, and she has just moved to Bali to follow her dreams and live in a dream location while working on her business. Talk about smashing her goals! This is one of my favourite income reports because it tackles the idea of needing to increase our prices in our businesses, when to do it and the fear that surrounds it. Very interesting.

13 – Amanda Abella


This quote from Amanda sums it all up so well ‘Making money online is a lot more about building relationships than it is about numbers’. YES! So true. In life as well – everything is about the relationships we build. Amanda’s income is made up largely by content creation and coaching, two avenues where relationship building is vital.

14 – Breaking The One Percent


Guys can do income reports too! We don’t discriminate here! Ben and Jeff also earn a large amount of income through affiliates and they also have more than one website (something that a few of the people in this income report have and I have too). For the types of income these guys earn, they rely heavily on traffic and therefore have a lot of focus on how to build that up.

15 – Start a Mom Blog


One of the things I love about this income report is that even though the income is quite high, she hasn’t relied on huge amounts of traffic to get there. Again, affiliate income seems to be a big player in her total income and is still such a massive player for so many people. It really goes to show, you don’t have to be creative or be deterred if you don’t want to create your own products. You can earn an income by promoting other people’s products too.

Earning a full time (plus) income online is definitely possible. Are you inspired yet?

Paul @ SideGains

Monday 14th of October 2019

A very inspiring list Krystal. I started my blog fairly recently and I am a long way away from any of these income reports.

To be honest I'm not focusing too much on monetizing just yet, I'm just trying to add useful / interesting content right now.

Can I ask you at what point you started monetizing Project Hot Mess?

Krystal Kleidon

Tuesday 15th of October 2019

Hey Paul, thanks so much for your comment and a massive congratulations for starting your blog (and welcome to the blogging world!!). Project Hot Mess was monetized early because it wasn't my first site, and was built with a specific strategy in mind, which has been fantastic for maintaining focus. It's always good to have a goal and a direction in mind, even if it changes as you go! All the best with your blogging endeavours! - Krystal

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