7 Signs You Need To Take A Break From Social Media

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I’m addicted to social media as much as the next person. I even run a whole business based on social media just so I can justify spending so much time on it (okay, maybe not just for that purpose but still… you get my point). But there are sometimes when you might start to see signs you need to take a break from social media. I know I do!

While I don’t think social media is that bad for you, I also believe you need to use it in moderation – like coffee and donuts. Apparently, we now spend more than two hours a day on social media (I spend way more than that), but just imagine if we reduced that by just half an hour and had a real conversation with someone, like a phone call or face to face conversation. Or even if we spent that time exercising.

If you’re not sure, check these signs you need to take a break from social media.  

1 – You Check Your Phone First Thing In The Morning, AND Anytime You Wake During The Night

Of course, we want to check our phones of a morning to see what’s been happening while we’ve slept, and when you’re addicted to social media that want becomes a bit more of a need. But if you reach for your phone the moment your eyes open, before you even register to the time of day then we may have an issue.

If you check your phone during the night at anytime you wake, then you definitely need to be taking a break. Give yourself some distance… like a super clingy relationship.

2 – You Have a Brand New Phone and The Battery Still Only Lasts Half The Day

Brand new phones are supposed to have a fantastic battery life, like they really should last the whole day. But if you have a new phone and it’s still only lasting half the day because of your addiction to watching and sharing cat videos on Facebook, then you probably have to rethink your relationship with social media.

Next level is if you’ve bought a portable battery pack just so you can get your social media fix for the day… yikes!

Confession: I've seen every one of these 'signs you need to take a break from social media' in my own life. I know I'm addicted to social media, are you? I don't think all social media is bad, but I do think we need a break every now and then.

3 – You Know Everything That’s Happening In Someone’s Life Even Though You Haven’t Spoken To Them In Years

Have you ever caught up with someone you haven’t seen in years and then realise you still know the name of their new husband and newborn child because you stalk see their social media updates.

Of course, it’s normal to know a bit about the people you’re friends with on social media, but this is normally balanced with real life catch ups and talking with these people as well.

If you’re finding you only know everything about other people because you see it on social media, then perhaps you should take a break.

4 – You Go To The Toilet Just So You Can Check Your Phone Without Being Judged

I have to admit, there have been times I’ve gone to the toilet just to get a few minutes away from the toddler, and I may or may not have posted a status update or two while in there. But if you find yourself avoiding social situations and making excuses to go to the toilet just so can check the latest Instagram posts that’s a totally different level.

Sure, lock yourself in the toilet for some peace and quiet, just don’t avoid real life conversations to keep up with your social media ones.

5 – People Don’t Actually Recognise You In Real Life Because You Don’t Look Anything Like Your Profile Picture

FaceTune much? I get it, I’m not going to be posting the scariest pictures of myself, and I take about 10 different shots so I can decide which one looks best. I mean, who doesn’t? By all means, go ahead and photoshop or FaceTune or apply whatever filter you want. Show your best side! That’s the wonder of social media. But make sure you see people enough in real life that they still know what you really look like.

Confession: I've seen every one of these 'signs you need to take a break from social media' in my own life. I know I'm addicted to social media, are you? I don't think all social media is bad, but I do think we need a break every now and then. Social Media | Mobile Phones | Social Media Addiction | Addicted to Social Media | Break From Social Media

6 – You Start To Get Separation Anxiety From Your Phone

Can you make a quick trip to the shops without your phone and not have a complete panic attack? I totally understand the need to have our phones on us most of the time, especially when we are out of the house. We are a society that is always connected and always contactable.

But how does the thought of not having your phone make you feel?

What about going somewhere where there is no reception for a few days? Sound relaxing or is the thought of it enough to send you into a full-scale meltdown?

7 – You Go Out For Coffee With Friends Without Taking Photos And Uploading To Instagram (#coffeedates)

And then you spend the whole time you are catching up checking to see how many likes your post has received. Even worse if you get cranky at your friend for not liking it yet. Even though she is sitting across from you and trying to have a normal conversation with you.

Yeah… if you can’t hold a face to face conversation with a friend without checking your social media channels you’ve definitely got an addiction you need to break. Maybe you and social media need to spend some time apart – get some healthy distance from each other.

Not all social media is bad, really. I use it to run my business and keep in contact with people I wouldn’t get to see otherwise. But just remember to keep the balance between real life and the online world. There is a big difference between the two.