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Candy Cane Gift Tags Printable (FREE)

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The holiday season is all about sharing joy and expressing gratitude, and what better way to do so than with a sweet, simple gesture?

That’s why we love these Candy Can Gift Tags – a charming way to add a personal touch to a classic holiday treat.

These tags are not only fun and easy to use but come as a free printable, perfect for parents and kids looking to add a bit of handmade warmth to their holiday gifts.

Ideal for school parties, neighborhood gatherings, or just as a token of appreciation, each of our uniquely styled tags are perfect for kids to share, each saying ‘Thank you for being a great friend’ and ‘Merry Christmas’.

With a dedicated space to write your child’s name, these tags transform ordinary candy canes into memorable gifts that express the spirit of the season.

So, grab your supplies and a packet of candy canes and get creating!

Materials You’ll Need For This Activity…

  • Good, thick cardstock (we recommend 200gsm+ / 110 Lb)
  • A printer – your home inkjet printer works fine
  • Candy canes – of course!
  • Scissors or a paper trimmer
  • A hole punch
Spread holiday joy with our free Candy Cane Gift Tags Printable. A fun activity for kids and perfect for school friends.

Candy Cane Tags – 5 Different Styles

We’ve included 5 different styles in one download for these Candy Cane Gift Tags, you can choose the style you love or mix and match for a little extra creativity.

Each style is kid approved (my 6 year old and 10 year old loved them!) and there’s space for you, or your children to write their names or add a personal touch to each card.

How to Use the Candy Cane Gift Tags

Turning our festive printable tags into charming candy cane gifts is a breeze! Here’s how you and your child can create these delightful holiday treats:

Step-by-Step Guide:

1 – Download and Print:

First, download the free printable tags – you can find the download button below.

Print them on sturdy card stock for best results. This will ensure your tags are durable and have a premium feel. Plus they won’t tear as easily when you pop the candy cane through them.

2 – Cutting Out the Tags:

Using scissors, carefully cut out each tag along the designated cut lines. This is a great opportunity for kids to practice their cutting skills (under adult supervision).

I used a paper trimmer for this as between my two kids I had over 80 to make!

3 – Writing Personal Messages:

In the space provided, have your child write their name or a personal message. This personal touch is what makes these gifts truly special.

You don’t have to add their names if you don’t want to, the cards still look beautiful just on their own.

4 – Attaching the Tags to Candy Canes:

There are a few different options for ways to attach these tags to your candy canes.

Option 1 –

Use a hole punch to make a hole at the top of each tag. The size of the hole you’ll need depends on the size of your candy cane, the ones I used were a little chunkier so I had to make the holes a little bigger so they didn’t tear.

Then simply slide the candy cane through the hole in the tag.

Option 2 –

Use a hole punch to make a small hole at the top of each tag. Then thread a festive ribbon or colorful string through the hole.

Tie the tag around the top of a candy cane. You can also attach it to a bunch of candy canes for a more substantial gift.

Creative Tips

Mix and Match: Encourage your child to choose different tag designs for different friends, adding variety and personalization.

Decorative Ribbons: Experiment with ribbons of different colors and textures to add an extra festive flair.

Additional Decorations: Feel free to embellish the tags with glitter, stickers, or even small bells for a more festive look.

Safety Reminder: Ensure younger children are supervised when using scissors or other crafting tools. Safety first!

Turn simple candy canes into thoughtful gifts with our free printable Candy Cane Gift Tags. Festive and easy!

Candy Cane Gift Tags

Embrace the festivities with this fun and creative countdown activity, perfect for little ones eagerly counting down the days until Santa’s arrival. Click the button below to access the Candy Cane Gift Tags.

Make your presents stand out with these charming Candy Cane Gift Tags. Download your free printable today!

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We’d love to see your Candy Cane Gift Tags in action, so please share your experiences or photos in the comments below or tag us on Facebook.

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